Thursday, March 03, 2016

Peppy's Simple Shawlette Pattern

Val from Wandering Cat sent me this gorgeous yarn to try. 
It has some cashmere in it and I just couldn't put it on my feet.
I've started the Peppy's pattern. 
I'm afraid you are going to see a lot of Peppies! 

I realized last night that I can SEE my mistakes in this simple pattern.  When I couldn't figure out a part of it,  I stopped myself and said,
You know what a Slip Slip Knit looks like in a Look for it here. 
It worked!

Is this a major mind blowing break through in my knit world....
it sure is.  

I've got to confess the weather is trying to get to me. 
I don't want to do anything wild like go out and get a puppy,
but I could use a change up.

The funny thing is, I don't want to GO anywhere really. 
The cold and wind are so nasty in March.
I just want an at home project...

Perhaps I can take an online class?
Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I'm knitting with almost that same color. Mine is Jojoland Melody.

Sounds like cabin fever has a grip on you!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

My suggestion is to move SOUTH!! LOL. I use to get soooo ansy this time of year with all that cold and snow before I moved south. No more "cabin fever" for me. I love that yummy yarn you're using for your shawlette! Cashmere is to die for!!

Katherine said...

The shawlette is going to be beautiful. The colors are so soft and pretty.

I can only say to your winter/cabin fever--puppies are so nice to cuddle up with!!

Teresa Kasner said...

The shawlette is going to be a nice thing to wear. You could always clean a closet.. lol! Learn calligraphy? Watercolors? Me, I like to relax. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

Pretty's going to be stunning! My solution to March fever was to get out a quilt I started over two years ago and start working on it again yesterday. Only an hour or two a day but hopefully it will be done soon. An online class sounds good too.

Suburban prep said...

Looks like great yarn.

We are supposed to be warming up towards the weekend and next week--just some rain.

Judy S. said...

Thanks for the link to that pattern; it looks like a nice one. At least your start sure looks nice! Have you ever done an online Craftsy class? There are lots of choices!

elns said...

The shawlette will work well with that colorway. Pretty pretty. Cabin fever can be rough. I'm going to make a wild suggestion, but could you find an indoor pool and swim a few laps for 30 mins and go drink a hot tea/coffee and walk a museum?

Araignee said...

Pretty shawl! I am all about simple these days and that looks perfect.
I second the Craftsy class. They have free ones and sale ones so you don't have to spend a fortune-until you get hooked like I did. The interactive learning is just so effective. It's like having a tutor right in your living room!

Tired Teacher said...

Craftsy has some excellent classes for all skill levels.

Love the shawlette and the yarn color - it will be beautiful and fun to wear.

Betsy said...

I also wanted to tell you thank you for your good advice on my latest post. I'm trying to avoid an ablation like the plague. It just plain sounds scary to me. The ER Doctor I saw last month suggested that may be where I end up. Thank you again. I have decided after all the good advice I've gotten that I will refuse to see that PA again.

Delighted Hands said...

Sympathy on the cabin fever...Find a new Netflix series and knit away on that beautiful shawl!
(And I agree that a deep clean area is a very satisfying remedy for cabin fever, too!)

Beth Coleman said...

Come visit me here down south - temps in the 70s over the weekend I hear and take a look at Craftsy - lots of classes and ideas! I hope your day is blessed!

Caffeine Girl said...

I think learning to read your knitting is one of the most important skills in knitting. Too bad I haven't mastered it yet! I know Elizabeth Zimmerman thought it was essential.

I think an online class would be perfect in this March weather. I've heard good things about Craftsy classes.

Stefanie said...

This is an interesting colourway, like a fresh plate of cut melon with a dark wine. An online class would be fun. Look around on Craftsy.

Janet said...

Very pretty yarn and pattern. I am so ready for spring. A Craftsy class sounds like a great idea.

Mereknits said...

Craftsy has so many classes your options are endless. Love that scarf, I am looking into that pattern as soon as I get on Ravelry.

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