Saturday, February 27, 2016

Mish Mosh

One of my Hungarian Uncles loves Irish Soda Bread.
He is a great story teller and we don't see him enough. 
He came for dinner with us last night so I made him a loaf to take home.  It's that time of year isn't it? 
 Someone at my LYS was knitting this Churchmouse poncho.
 Super simple construction of a knitted rectangle. 
She's knits a few rows of alpaca each night since November. 
I admire her sticking to it.  Tiny stitches on a thin wooden needle..
She works in the wine business and uses a cord to keep her needles from slipping off .  Genius. 
 Some of you have said BFL is very soft and not itchy. 
They have some in greens on the clearance rack.
I have other projects in mind, so I walked away...but it was hard to do .
Wingspan is so lovely. 
I won't knit it, but I surely love it. 

Has anything inspired your yarn work lately?


Betsy said...

Those are all beautiful projects. I think I would lose my mind knitting that brown pinch on such small needles though. I always see things other people are making that I would like to try, but then, I keep making mittens for the school children. I do want to make another blanket though, soon.

Caffeine Girl said...

That is an especially amazing wingspan! They aren't all so interesting. For some reason, it's one of the patterns that doesn't call my name.

So sweet of you to bake for your uncle. I'll bet he was thrilled.

Judy S. said...

Your soda bread looks super yummy; I'll bet your uncle was happy! That Wingspan is lovely; somehow I've not seen that pattern. What are the projects you're thinking of?

Delighted Hands said...

Nice of you to make the bread for your Uncle! The knitting shop is alway a place for inpiration--that Wingspan shawl is incredible!

Anonymous said...

That Wingspan is awesome. I have made a couple of Wingspans, but just the plain ones.

Tired Teacher said...

I've admired Wingspan shawls for a couple of years, but I doubt that I will ever knit one.

Teresa Kasner said...

I picked up my Hitchhiker and knitted several rows today.. omg. It's such a thin yarn and is taking. FOR. EV. ER. You're such a nice person to make your uncle a loaf of his favorite bread. I might have to try making that.. since I'm Irish... ya know. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Araignee said...

I've been thinking of soda bread also. It's that time.
Your friend and I share a philosophy. I too add just a row or two a day on big projects. It takes years but things do get done that way.
I am very inspired by spring right now. I want light and lacy but alas, nothing on the needles is like that.

Mereknits said...

You are so kind to make that bread for your uncle. I love that wingsapn, probably the nicest one I have seen.

KSD said...

Oh, you should try Wingspan! It isn't as hard as it might look. I've made several.

Linda said...

I do like the wingspan - and started it at one point - but stopped as I did not like the yarn I was using at the time. I think about starting it again, but I just don't like the way it fits around the shoulders or something...

Linda in VA

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Using a cork for end caps is genius!!! It's the perfect excuse for me to drink wine! :-D

elns said...

I was just talking about how Ponchos are really coming back full force right now in fashion, not just knitting fashion! I can't do it, but I love watching them knit up. I see you're being distracted by the color green, Kathy!

Stefanie said...

Oh boy, any time you wanna send a loaf of that Irish Soda Bread my way, it'll be welcomed with open arms. Every St. Patrick's Day my Irish co-workers at the school would gussy up the teacher's lunchroom and have a table laid out with all kinds of yumminess. I miss that.

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