Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Declaration of Dishcloth Week

 Why then do I give you a hat?
Well, I dont have any dishcloths to show you yet ...
that's why.  My focus this week will be good old cotton dischcloths. 
In the meantime:
This is the Tensfield Hat by Behm.
Interesting construction. 
Sigh, it looks itchy to me .
My son nearly broke his yarny mom's heart at REI the other day. 
He picked up a SMARTWOOL hat and had me feel how soft it was. 
There's a place in our world for mass produced merino Smartwool, I guess. 
There are days you wear your mom's knit hats and days you don't. 
As long as there are both kinds of days, I'm fine with it.
I am.
I tried to make a PAW print dishcloth yesterday.
By the time I finished, the print was barely visible to me. 
More on dishcloths later. 
I will say that the smaller yarn by Patons (Grace) are much easier on my wrists and joints than the big cottons. 
 Finally, today, 
I am trying out a new recipe for rolls.
I'm in charge of rolls for 35 on Thanskgiving. 
I want them to be awesome. 
and  easy.
I'll letcha know what my taste testers think of  my first recipe choice. 
Let the thanks continue:
Channon, you sent us to your Aunt's cottage this summer in the OBX.  It was heavenly.  
Thanksgiving, I love thankfulness. 


Bridget said...

That is an interesting hat, but I'm not sure it would be for me. Oh well, who cares, right?

Rolls for 35 sounds like it will keep you busy. Do you have a go-to recipe, and are trying something new, or do you just like to try something different each time? My husband is in charge of rolls, and he uses a recipe from his grandmother that is delicious! I hope yours are a hit.

I must admit, I have a couple of pairs of SmartWool socks ...

Tired Teacher said...

I don't wear hats, so I only knit them for babies.

I have a pair of Smartwool gloves. Sadly, they are not warmer than other gloves I've owned.

Kim in Oregon said...

I think you can buy smatrwool yarn--off to google and will update!

Kim in Oregon said...

OK I'm back--I thought that this yarn was the same as Smart Wool but I don't think it is: http://www.woolfolkyarn.com/

Anonymous said...

That hat is really interesting, but it doesn't look like it would fit very well. The yarn reminds me of the Crazy Zauberball socks I wore yesterday.

susan said...

Wow - rolls for 35 - so that's 70 or more rolls. Yikes, you are a brave soul.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

elns said...

Can't do itchy hat. makes me want to scratch just thinking about it.

Yeah sons and other people's hats... sigh.

Anyhow, thanks for the reminder, I'm supposed to knit for my Moms. better late than never I suppose.

Nancy Kay said...

Let the knitting of dishcloths commence!!

Judy S. said...

Rolls for 35? Now there's a big project! I feel like a slouch with only one pie! That's a cool hat. How about modeling it? What is there about sons and home knit stuff? Have a great celebration!

Delighted Hands said...

I will be making rolls for 20...that is two batches for me so you will have a lot more! I like the construction of this hat-very nice to wrap your head around a good knit project! Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Dawna Motz said...

Hello!! we are Christmas card swap partners!! I think you messaged me once already but I was not sure how to message you back through email....hope we connect soon :) Love your knitting projects! We have had snow here so some of your warm woolies would be perfect for a snow day!! Take care!

Mereknits said...

I feel your pain, My Ohio State boy has lost everything I have made him and he goes to Target and buys junk hats.... it breaks my heart. At least yours had the decency to go to REI!

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