Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Few Good Things

 * This is my little *boogie board* . 
I love it for my lists. 
However, I've asked Santa to bring me the bigger size.
I am a HUGE writer. 
I was once asked by a supervisor to write smaller and I told her I simply couldn't .  
I hope script does not go away due to computers and such. 

These are Starbucks cake pops.  
Divine.  Moist. Amazing. 
I do not want them near me. 
Our friends Nick and Dayna brought them over last week for AL's get together. 
Everyone loved them. 
Without exception. 

PomPom...the knitting crocheting magazine in booklet form. 
Al mentioned it to me. 
I found one at another Knit shop this weekend. 
Fun, fresh, new look, and for the youthful for sure.
Have you seen it? 

One last good thing for today:
I learned how to download magazines from my library in a one on one session yesterday. 
They have many good magazines.
No knitting...yet.  I made the request! 
I can read them on my iPad now. 

What's new by you?


Katherine said...

Boogie Boards are the best. I gave granddaughter one for her dorm room and she says it is her favorite thing. When I see big writing I think that person is very confident. No one should ever try to diminish that!
I sometimes read magazines like National Geographic on my Kindle. Why I've never thought about knitting magazines I don't know. Thanks for the great idea!

elns said...

My husband worked for a long time in French Bistros and it might give him flashbacks having a mini chalk board in the apartment ;) I hope Santa comes through for you. If people can read what you're writing you're miles above the rest of the population.

I am a lister too, Kathy. It makes me feel grounded and connected to my purpose. It makes me feel capable.

All the best to you!

Teresa Kasner said...

I love writing.. but I'm more archaic than you.. I like using a fountain pen and paper. And I write big too.. it's got more flair! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Andrea @ This Knitted Life said...

I also write with large lettering. My handwriting has deteriorated so badly over the years...I think I had better penmanship when I was nine.

Araignee said...

I am so lazy. I just tell Alexa (Echo) and she keeps the lists for me. Since I don't have a smart phone and the app, I have to ask her to repeat them for me so I can write them down though eventually. The Mister thinks I'm ridiculous but she has a better memory than me.

Amy at love made my home said...

My handwriting is quite large too, but no one has ever asked me to make it smaller! xx

Tired Teacher said...

Boogie Boards are a new concept to me.

Cake pops are yummy!

Delighted Hands said...

I am a note taker.......and list maker. My ph has one I can type or hand write; I love it!
The cake pops-yum, I have a friend that treats me!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I love making lists - and always by hand!

Judy S. said...

Those cake pops look very yummy! Hmmm....I have a new book on my Kindle from the library but am now wondering whether I can also check out magazines!

Stefanie said...

So that is the Boogie Board. One of my BFF's was telling me about it as we were talking about scratch paper and math I guess.

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