Wednesday, October 21, 2015 sent us Primal treats

1. Sdyney At is a wonder.
 Everymonth we select some goodies to try. 
They send them to us and we give a review on our blogs.
There is no payment for this review or the products. 

2. Sydney sent Primal treats along with cat litter this month. 
None of my cats were interested in the least, in these treats.
A big old turn up of the feline nose ....followed by a  walk away. 

3.  My cats Love Beachside Crunch treats. THey act like it is an addictive treat.  

4. I had an order with Chewy that involved a bit of customer service assistance and I was 100% pleased. 
I ordered a cat crate and it arrived with a wheel broken. 
Chewy immediately told me to keep it and donate it to my shelter which I did.
Within two days I had a new crate and the wheels work perfectly. 
When you have a 20 lb cat, his security and my back both need a wheeled crate.  I love it. 

So thanks  We'll be happy to keep trying your products.  


Katherine said...

I'm so impressed that they told you to donate the broken carrier!!

I am a sad Cubs fan, as I know you are. I thought this was our year. We'll see....

Teresa Kasner said...

It's nice to have a company that you like. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Dee said...

So far Giroux has like most treats. We bought him a Wobbert today ---- you fill it with treats and when he plays with it treats will come out. He seems confused by the whole thing and shot me a look like what IS this fooleywang!

We also bought him a new litter box with a lid. He outgrew his old one and now that he's a teenage boy he kicks litter EVERYWHERE. He he he .....fixed him. I got a LID!

Araignee said...

My kitties are also very picky about their treats. None of them like the same ones so I have lots of little bags in the kitchen. I've never seen a wheeled crate. I'll have to go look at them. I have a big boy kitty too and getting him to the vets is no fun.

KSD said...

After a lot of stops-and-go's, I've finally requested my first Chewy product to test. It's those very Primal treats!

Sorry about the Cubbies. But what glorious tree colors. Stupid Georgia pines --- we get nothing like that.

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