Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Sales Sales and Sourdough!

 If you read Teresa Kasner's blog you will be familiar with her sourdough starter and recipes.  
I love sourdough pancakes at our Walker Brothers pancake houses in town. 
So I started a starter yesterday. 
Teresa, THANK YOU. 
Mmmmmm, my lunch pancakes were so so good today.
 I'm going to baby my starter and see how long I can make it last.
Sept 1 we'll say , was its birthday, even though I started it August 31st. 
It was easy. 
Really easy. 
I'm in love. 
Go to Teresa's  blog for tips. 
I used WHATSCOOKINGAMERICA's sourdough pancake recipe.  You can google it.
 In other great fun news, My LYS is having a 13.5 year anniversary sale. 
I bought yarn for cowls and hats.
The green will be a winter hat.  Cascade Quatro is the yummy yarn.
  The Cotton Poly blend of SMC Cabare, will make some  soft non - scratchy cowls.

These gorgeous Rowan sale skeins will be hats. 
More than likely fair isle patterns or cables in solid colors. 

I also bought some shi bui sock that could become a baby blanket or prize yarn. 

All in all a  great day. 

Have you found a great sale for your fall /winter knitting? 
I spent 70 dollar that will take me through 7 projects. 

Happy Sourdough, and Happy Sale Finds



Teresa Kasner said...

Kathy, I'm so happy that you tried my sourdough starter!! I hope you can keep it going, if it gets watery on the top, pour that off and make some fresh batter and feed it. If you want to take some time before using it again, feed it and put it in the fridge for a while, then bring it out, pour off the top bit, feed it and it will come right back. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Suburban prep said...

Love the goodies at Walker Brothers especially the Dutch Baby I also love the banana pancakes.
Was at 3 bags as well. I spent probably double you. Oh well. Part of it was on sale and the other was not. That which was not was yarn I had been ogling and I figured with my birthday next week I will give myself an early gift. (Now I can't be thinking like that all the time it was just this yarn was gorgeous--or so I thought).

Linda said...

Wow! You did get some good deals. I bought much much less than that last week at my yarn shop - and still spent $63.00!

Linda in VA (who keeps casting on more and MORE projects)!

Kim in Oregon said...

Walker Bros was a huge treat when I was a student at NU and when I had a friend with a car! Ditto on the Dutch Baby!

elns said...

Well apparently I'm going to eat (notice I did not say make) pancakes this weekend. The seed has been sown ;)

Yarn and pancakes. That's the name of our new band, Kathy B.

kathy b said...

ELLEN YES ! Yarnandpancakes...our new band and brand! Lets sell it!

Araignee said...

I was thinking about pancakes today too. I have some leftover corn and my Mom used to put corn in our pancakes when we had them for dinner. I was too lazy to make them so I just ate the corn. Now I am sorry. I haven't seen a yarn sale but I did buy some more Wandering Cat sock yarn from Etsy today. Not cheap but so yummy!!!!!

Dee said...

I haven't been yarn shopping in quite awhile. I think I need to hit up the shops sometime soon.

Those pancakes look mighty tasty. Years ago I had a potato sourdough starter going. I made bread every week. It made the BEST French toast. Now that I am diabetic, that's not on my menu. :-(

KSD said...

I just bought a loaf of asiagp sourdough bread yesterday, and thought about how my mother used to make starter. You're so right --- so good!

Jennifer said...

My dad always used to have sourdough starter when I was growing up. I hosted our family reunion at the house two summers ago and put "sourdough pancakes" on the weekly menu planner for Thursday morning's family breakfast. Just one problem... I forgot to make any starter in advance. Hahaha. It's such a great fun thing to do. My whole family still has great memories of Dad's sourdough pancakes (especially the blueberry ones); and sourdough blueberry muffins. You can see a theme here. Hahaha.

Judy S. said...

Love that pink and gray! Shibui sock yarn is great; that's what I'm trying to use up on my little sock thingies. I love sour dough anything!

Nancy Kay said...

The pancakes look delicious!

I really like Shibui sock yarn too... have fun with the new projects!

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