Wednesday, September 09, 2015

My Two Cents: Products Reviews

* There is a new post about their canned grain free offering that my cats like: Catswell Nutrisca.  See below if you are interested.  It is paws up here. 

*My baby blanket is a sea of yellows, golds and blues. 
I won't finish this week, but I enjoy when I pull it out and knit a few  rows.  It is all leftover sock yarns so it is a no cost kind of knit up.
*I really scored on this Schaeffer yarn at my LYS. 
3 skeins at 4 dollars a skein. 
It knits like a dream. 
My shawl is going to be all 3 of these skeins knit, like Vixen, (thanks Leslie!)
into one large shawl. 
I love a good score at the yarn sale!
*I'm trying Amazon Prime. 
Free for 30 days.
It is so addicting to order something and have free shipping and quick arrival. 

My first order was not a good experience. The used item arrived broken instead of in VERY GOOD shape as advertised.
I sent it back.  I had to pay the return ship. I've asked them to refund the shipping but I have not heard back yet....

I have had 3 other experiences with them since then.
The arrival of another item was delayed due to the carrier's problem.  I was disappointed, but they ended up delivering the next day on Labor Day, so that seemed like a win. 

The jury is still out on Amazon Prime. 

*Finally, Sweet Katherine sent me a gift card for Little Knits for my birthday.  The yarn I choose was splitty and all around awful.
I felt terrible that her gift was wasteful.  I wrote to Little Knits and they referred me to their supplier Knitting Fever.

I heard from Knitting Fever this morning and they are sending a replacement yarn. 
The yarn I chose that I would advise against, strongly was:
Viking Mini Raggen sock.
I loved the colorway but when it arrived it was horrible. 
Acted like lace yarn that broke and split. 
So We'll see what the replacement is like.
I appreciate a company that tries to make amends.

Tried any new yarns or services lately?
How satisfied are you ?



Katherine said...

I'm so glad you pursued getting new yarn! So many people just put things aside and forget them. I'm all for speaking up when a product is not quite right.

As for Amazon, I have been a member of Amazon Prime since it started. It came free with my first Kindle and I've paid for it every year since. There have been a few disappointments but never with the items that say "Amazon Fulfilled." Those are new and sent quickly. I think you just have to watch out for the products that are from other suppliers. Four of our children also order on my Prime account and it sometimes looks like we are keeping Amazon in business.

Kim in Oregon said...

Sorry about your bad experiences with Prime. We've cut way back on using them. If you email them when you get something broken often they'll tell you to just keep it. :-)

Vera said...

Yay for replacement yarn! And thumbs up for Amazon Prime. The cost has more than paid for itself in the free shipping (in our household). And, so far, no complaints. I agree with Katherine...I almost always order items that are "Amazon Fulfilled." A few have come from others and all I find is that it is a longer delivery problem. My last few orders have been delivered on Sundays which really surprised me.

Tired Teacher said...

I've resisted Amazon Prime although there are times that I wish I had it, and then I remember that patience is something solely lacking in our society. So, I practice patience and all is good.

I recently discovered Lang yarns, and I've been very satisfied. I'm glad you contacted the company. Most places know they need to make things right, and those that do, reap repeat customers.

Pammy Sue said...

I love the look of your sock yarn blanket! Pretty. I am an Amazon Prime member. It pays for itself as much as I order things, and it is really nice getting things in two days with FREE shipping!!

Caffeine Girl said...

I have had good experiences with Amazon Prime, but I'm always feeling guilty about it. I really do believe in buying local and from indie businesses, but I am also a book lover and Amazon has the best selection! What to do? I joined Prime so I can watch their original TV series, Transparent.

Araignee said...

I'm a Prime addict. What I love about it is the reviews. I want to know what I am getting and I love reading other's opinions before I decide to part with my hard earned cash. I've had a few bad experiences but Amazon always made them right. My biggest gripe is that my Prime movies never play on my Kindle but my Netflix movies play fine. Go figure.
I love, love, love the blankie and the shawl. Those are my kinds of colors!

Simply Playing said...

I love the blanket and want to see more photos of it. All that gorgeous yellow!

Teresa Kasner said...

Good job on the blanket and the shawl. I love Amazon Prime. I like the free 2 day shipping... it amazes me how fast you get things. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mereknits said...

The blanket looks wonderful and oh my on that yarn!

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