Saturday, September 19, 2015

Love of Knitting

  1.  I like the magazine Love of Knitting.  This cinched cowl is really sharp.  Love the colorway of the yarn.
  1.  Someone donated their sweet pea plants to others at the animal shelter this week. I took one.  It should like the cooler weather. 
  2. Ignore the numerals, they aren't right . We are on number 3, but I'm not savvy enough to fix this. 
  3. Speaking of likes, Fireman likes Google. He goes a bit bonkers when I use BING.  I agree google is a much better search engine but Bing will do in a pinch and I think it is our MSN homepage default. 
  4. At Walgreen's today someone saw me buying marshmallows. We chattted.  She told me her mom makes her rice krispie treats with sweetened condensed milk, not marshmallows. What? I GOOGLED it and it is true. Who knew? YOU? 
  5. Miss Pie has a way of getting through the upstairs hall door some mornings and jumping on our bed. She is SOOOO happy when she succeeds and I'd let her stay but she rubs and rubs us and we cannot get back to sleep.  She is so funny and proud of herself. None of the other cats have mastered the door!
  6. I wanted to show an image of Pie, but it won't load. So you get Fezzik...again.  He's so darn photogenic.  Shhhh we've set the neuter date...
  7. I'm going to knit my sale cascade 220 tweed hat today.  I cast on yesterday.  It will be a quick knit. 
  8. Go Cubs.  I'm ashamed of Patrick Kane even if the allegations are false.  The Blackhawks are a class act and he's failed them again.
  9. New episodes of the INCredible Doc Pol have begun.  I'm a happy Saturday night at home girl . 
  10. Had dinner with two nurse friends last night. One loved ALL THE LIGHT YOU CANNOT SEE and one did not.  I'm not reading anything right now.  Too much Sports on tv.  Local PGA golf tournament this weekend, Cubs, Northwestern Football, Da Bears....   That's the wrap up here.  What's up by you?


Suburban prep said...

I had not heard that about rice krispie treats but I make fudge with chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk and a tbsp of butter. My parents love it.

Araignee said...

I'm waiting for Dr Who to start up again on BBC America tonight!!!!! Yes, I am a giant nerd but the other Doctors were lovely boyish eye candy. The newest one is old and I don't like him too much but I guess I need to be supportive of the old geezer because I'm old now too. I could have been the grandma of the others. Sigh.
Didn't know that about the Krispies but it makes sense. That stuff is like glue and will hold anything together. I love it in Hello Dollies where it holds chocolate, coconut and a bunch of other yummy stuff together. Mmmmmm.....

Teresa Kasner said...

I hope no one rocks in the chair while Fezzick's paw is under the runner! I can't imagine marshmallow treats without the marshmallows.. seems not right at all! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

KSD said...

I can eat far too much of a can of sweetened condensed milk. This recipe will give me a reason to buy some!

I loved "All The Light We Cannot See." Briton is reading it right now, and also enjoying it.

Judy S. said...

Are you going to make that cowl? It's really pretty! Sure hope Fezzick moved before someone squashed his paw.

Dee said...

Hello, Fezzik, you handsome boy!

I am currently reading All the Light We Cannot See. I am loving it.

I am full of questions too ----- What did Patrick Kane allegedly do? How old is Fezzik? Aren't cats usually neutered younger than him? (We were lucky --- Giroux was already fixed when we got him. I know I would be worried if I had to go through that with him. We sure do love our pets and hate to see them uncomfortable even when we KNOW, it is very important.)

Have a great weekend.

Marilyn K said...

I have not heard of using condensed milk...I don't think I want to try it...marshmallows in my rice krispie treats please.
I am rereading Gone With The Wind at the moment.

Marilyn K said...

I have not heard of using condensed milk...I don't think I want to try it...marshmallows in my rice krispie treats please.
I am rereading Gone With The Wind at the moment.

Mereknits said...

I liked that book but did not love it. Any kitty you show us is a thrill. I like Google too, but I sometimes feel it wants to much info from me, like it is searching my soul. Can't eat rice krispies due to hypoglycemia. Watched 4 episodes of House of Cards yesterday, sitting on my behind recovering from a very bad headache. GO Lightning!!!!! and of course Go Packers!

Bridget said...

I think I may be the only person in the world who doesn't care one way or another for Rice Krispie treats. What a freak, huh?

I haven't read All the Light We Cannot See yet, but it's on my TBR list. I know some who loved it, some who thought it was extremely dull, so I guess I'll try to decide for myself. :-)

Today is the Eagles vs. Cowboys game. I am not obsessed with pro football, though I do like it in general, but if it's a game against the Cowboys, I'm all for the other team winning! ;-)

kathy b said...

Okay, so Allegedly Patrick Kane sexually assaulted a girl in his million dollar home in the off season. NO matter, he should not have put himself in this position. If the accuser is lying, he still made a poor choice. He has made poor choices before. HOpe he is innocent but this is reflects poorly on the Hawks.

As for neutering, some vets and breeders feel you should wait until Males are older to nueter to let their urethral tubes get big enough that they can pass a stone later in life, also breeders want their cats to grow to their intended size and their growth plates dont close until 8 months of age. In general though, shelter pets are altered at 8 to 12 weeks of age to assure they are non reproductive. Since breeders make you sign a contract that you will alter at 8 months, and not breed, they have the same effect. Ok? :)
He'll be fine. I know the neuter team well!

Nancy Kay said...

Sweetened condensed milk in rice Krispie bars? I might have to try that!!

Did you see the Bronco's and Chief's game Thursday night. Oh my goodness...I'm a Bronco fan...and couldn't believe the last few minutes of the game. Tough to be a Chief's fan in those moments.

Tired Teacher said...

I'm trying to avoid binge-watching the new season of Longmire: how I love that show!

Caffeine Girl said...

I almost never watch sports, so I won't mention last week's Packers-Bears game to you!
I'm one of those people who didn't like Al The Light....
I'm trying to avoid all things sweet so I'm not going to Google Rice Krispy Treats with SCM. It sounds far too tempting!

karen said...

I only watch sports if he is making me, I prefer silence or a show I picked out. We have netflix and the locals so our watching has changed. Love that your cat loves to sneak in to see you two, how sweet.

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