Tuesday, September 29, 2015

After Saturday's kayaking debacle, I've amended my bucket list

These things are no longer on my list:

zip lining.  I will contentedly watch others

Horseback riding, it is true.  I used to gallop with horses and it was a joy but no more.

Going on a cruise. Life's too short for me to ever be nauseous again. I figure I was nauseous for nearly a year if yyou add up my three pregnancies. I never need to choose a path that may lead to nausea again.

Tent camping,been there many times done that

Kayaking in lake Michigan. Nuf said

Getting a puppy......hard to believe but I can't imagine training and trust ing another do ggy soul after the incredible Huck

This list is not complete  by any means ...life's too short to knit that sweater if I have the tiniest doubt about loving it

And you?


Araignee said...

I've also become cautious with age and I haven't even had a near death experience like you did. I do know that I don't heal as quickly as I used to. I now wear lots of pads when I skate and even a crash type headband. I would have laughed at my sissy self years ago but to keep going I have to be smart about what I am actually capable of at my age. There is nothing wrong with being careful-there's enough unexpected things waiting to take you out. A little prevention goes a long way.

Katherine said...

I have established that kayaking is off my list and we can add sky diving. After our recent trip driving through St. Louis at 5:00pm is something I plan never to do again. I am with you on the cruise thing. I will never understand why people subject themselves to a big, rocking ship for days at a time.

Kim in Oregon said...

The scolpamine (sp?) patch is a wonder--I'm not a big cruise person but we did a small ship cruise in Alaska that was magical (75 passengers).

Teresa Kasner said...

I used to think it would be neat to sky-dive.. but no more. Kayaking I've done with no ill effects except getting out of it. There's a lot more things that I know I'll never get to do before I'm on the wrong side of the ground, unfortunately. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Nancy Kay said...

I'd say the amended bucket list is good common sense. Nicely thought out! Ha.

I'll take your spot on the zip-line; I'd like to try that.

Caffeine Girl said...

I agree with you on all your list.
We once went kayaking on Lake Superior. We refer to that trip as "puke and paddle."

elns said...

I've ziplined and I enjoyed it, but I am all for modifying the bucket list to one's comfort zone. It's YOUR list! If cruises aren't your thing but you're looking for a tropical esque vacation, why not one of those inclusive resorts? I'm really okay with never bungee jumping and sky diving. Really okay with it. I mean if I had to in some kind of action movie my life is in danger moment (I don't know what means really) sure I could do it, but as something that needs to be done? I don't think so. ;)

Mereknits said...

Zip-lining is actually very fun and not scary at all once you let go, and believe me I am not that brave. I think you should reconsider the puppy, a sweet soul out there needs your love.

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