Monday, August 03, 2015

Thank Goodness for Return Policies

Our little pal comes quietly by each night around dusk or after. 
It is a good thing cats don't bark.
They run to the edge of the porch as soon as he's nearby.
He's quiet, they're issues. 
Skunk are just Beautiful creatures if they keep their glands to themselves. 

I have tried and failed twice with Ito yarn. 
Maybe I should listen when Fireman says, 
"Are you knitting with floss?" 
It is very much like knitting with floss.

But I WANTED that finished look with Ito in cabbage.
I just didn't want to do the work.
Oh , that and I read the pattern wrong. 
The second pattern, l.b.o.

I went so far as to contact the designer and I still don't understand why 4 stitches want to say at the end of my needles.
I could figure it out.
This means Karen or Al could figure it out for me , but the truth is 
I'm done with my ITO affair. 

I simply adore the perfect name for my color choice:
cabbage.  But Ito, you are a bit like knitting with floss. 

I'll be returning the two untouched skeins. 
I calculate the yardage and compare with floss and cost. 
Hmmmm, I think I have a bargain on my hands.


Tired Teacher said...

I haven't seen a live skunk since I left the farm; however, DOR skunks are pretty common this time of year, and the after effects are lasting, too.

KSD said...

It's so disappointing when the yarn and the pattern can't get along.

Katherine said...

You are right, they are beautiful animals, but our pups have had so many encounters with skunks that I have stopped counting. They never learn and they even know by now that they will sleep in their crates if they come in smelling like skunk!

I feel your pain with the pattern. I quit a baby blanket a few nights ago because I had three stitches left at the end of a row and was short three stitches two rows beyond that. I don't have time for or patience with that so I will not contact the designer OR try again. It's gone!! I guess I am not very nice when it comes to expecting patterns to explain such things!

elns said...

Haha, this post made me think you were going to return a skunk, ha!

And then there's this gem: Skunk are just Beautiful creatures if they keep their glands to themselves.

That's when just how much you love animals is showing.

I'm sorry the ITO thing didn't work out, but now you'll just move on to something else that gives you the happy. I feel like there is some kind of parallel to be made with knitting projects and romances or friendships in real life, but I'm too Monday to get there.

Nancy Kay said...

I'm not wanting any kind of encounter with a skunk. Phwew.

On the yarn front...I hope you find the right project for your "floss."

Araignee said...

I've never seen a skunk here. Everything but.
I've never heard of ITO yarn either. I looked it up. Interesting....

Lynn said...

Maybe you could combine the floss with something of more substance and make something that way to use it.

Mereknits said...

Life is too short to knit with floss if you don't like it.

Teresa Kasner said...

I looked up your ITO and you're right.. that is thin stuff! Skunks. Not good when you have chickens. They keep trying to get in the chicken coop and steal eggs! They are not welcome here. I have some pink booties to make, there are two baby girls expected in our family. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Beth Coleman said...

I hate it when the yarn and the pattern don't agree and I've been known to try to force it into friendship, which NEVER works! Better to just chalk it up to basic incompatibility and move on 😉

Yarn Miracle said...

We have a raccoon that visits the bird feeder every evening. William Henry glares at her out the window.

Caffeine Girl said...

You've talked me out of ever trying this yarn. I won't touch laceweight, either. Fingering is as small as I have patience for!

Judy S. said...

Smart move!

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