Sunday, August 02, 2015

New Month New Start

 I needed a new project. 
The puppet phase has ended....  
I made two puppets, well three if you count the one that failed completely! 
Someone very special is getting those two puppets. 
Shhhhh it is a secret. 

I was at my LYS yesterday wanting inspiration.
ITO patterns were flying off the shelves, literally.

I got swept up.  I bought. 
I came home. 
I knitted. I said,
I am not following a 48 row pattern 14 times to have it look like the above mess.  

Not to worry! 
I found a pattern on line that I like even better than the first Ito pattern. 
It is the l.o.b. pattern on Ravelry

I can't wait to get to it later this morning. 

This is our LYS shop pattern for the Yarn crawl 2015. 
Knit up in Zara.....isn't she pretty?

Someother August thoughts:

It is too soon to say the S word.
I want to cry when I see new pencils and backpacks.
We just got the party can't be over yet.
Oh wait, I don't go to S anymore. 
Why does it still affect me so?


Dee said...

I'm alway so happy to hear the "S" word. That means my favorite time of year is coming right up!

School starts here in a week. Wow .... summer FLEW by!

Suburban prep said...

I was going to go to the LYS yesterday as I was in Northbrook but I did not have time. Perhaps this week.

Teresa Kasner said...

S means quieter days for us. :-) I always love seeing the school supplies as I adored getting new crayons and pencils and paper. We're resting more today. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mereknits said...

I am not ready for the S word, that means late days at work for me on Monday and Wednesday's and getting Little B up and ready for school in the dreaded drop off line at school that I HATE! Yes, I mean hate!

knitterbeader said...

Have you used this ITO yarn before? I was surprised to see it is cotton. I was wondering how it "blocks out" after soaking.
I'm with you - no 48 row repeat patterns for me! I'm working on this Palette shawl with only a 2-row repeat, and I have enough problems with counting correctly with it!
Anxious to see your cast on later today!

karen said...

I love when school starts! I already filled out the new academic calendar I bought at B and N. I even got the markers out. I hope you have some new projects to fill you post schooling days :)

Araignee said...

Isn't that the truth. I still get ill when I see the Back to S stuff out in the stores. After a few weeks I'm over it though and raiding all the bins for deals on pens and such.

Tired Teacher said...

The aisles of supplies always tug at my teacher's heart. Part of me yearns to be back in the classroom, and part of me is happy not to be there. It is impossible to walk down the aisles looking at the pencils, pens, notebooks, and crayons and not be swept up in the excitement and anticipation.

Judy S. said...

48 row pattern? Scary, how do you even remember where you are? Good decision on your part, Kath. The yarn crawl pattern looks like a fun project! Even though I'm and ex-teacher, I think it's cruel to start school in August!

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