Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Today's Post is Brought to You, by

 Fezzik was supervised with some play yarn.
He's a growing boy, so he needs great nutrition. sends me items to review. I don't get paid for my reviews, but I get products to try.
OH I love to get things in the mail.  

This is hugely helpful as a cat momma, because my cats are very picky and it is wasteful for me to try new things and have them fail.

This month Sydney send Nutro's Perfect Portion Turkey wet food. 
We have 100% pride participation in this dinner. 
ALL of my cats want it. 
I don't generally give wet food to my cats, 
but to kittens, I do. 
They need the calories.
I give the empty carton to the others to clean up and they do!

I have never had such a good response to canned food. 
This includes failures with kitten wet and cat wet. 
The smell is not too bad, and they eat it so quickly there is no lingering smell in the house.

Nutro, your high quality food is wonderful and as you advertise, there is no smelly leftovers for the human refrigerator.

In the hot weather, it is good to get some extra moisture into my cats. 



Anonymous said...

Looks like Fezzik was blissfully in love with that yarn. :-)

Katherine said...

Fezzik is so adorable. I love his little soft paws!! Yippee for good pet food. I am back to making home-cooked food for our pups. They love it and the Vet agrees they are healthier this way. I'm also looking for home-baked treat recipes.

Tired Teacher said...

As Katherine mentioned, Fezzik's paws are adorable, and I want to tickle them. Does Fezzik purr?

Nancy Kay said...

Nice to find a wet food that is good for the kitties.

And Fezzik...all played out...must be such a happy kitty!

Lynn said...

How did you get the samples of food? Can nyone sign up? I would like to be able to try things too.
Perhaps Fezzik will learn to do arm knitting. Think of the things he might create.

kathy b said...

Yes Fezzik purrs!!!! He has a loud motor. :)
Lynn if you want to get on's list you have to have a blog, and you must post about the products they send. They want honest reviews.
Here is the contact:

Recently we have received quite a few questions regarding how to join our Blogger Program. We're always interested in welcoming talented bloggers to our network. Please, feel free to refer interested parties to for more information.

Araignee said...

My cats eat tons of wet food and I'm glad for the little portion sizes because they never want to eat at the same time. I hate stinky cat food in the fridge, too.

Tammy said...

Fezzik is so cute. I've never given Jingles wet food. She does like dates and avocados though. :)

The heart pattern is one I found on Instagram. So easy.

US Terms
chain 4, join
chain 4 and work into the circle
3 tc, 3 dc, ch 4(this is the bottom of the heart), 3 dc, 3 tc,
ch 3 and join, then ch 10 for the loop and join.

Quick and easy. Great for all those odd bits of yarn.

Teresa Kasner said...

My daily Fezzick fix! It's good to find food they life. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

elns said...

I love the Fezzick photo. He seems so pleased with himself and his little bundle of yarn. :)

I'm glad your cat family found a new tasty treat. I hadn't even thought of the potential for nasty wet cat food smell to a household. uh yeah, I'm glad they gobbled that one up for you!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

My cats LOVE wet food, but they only get it as a treat. But I can't give them anything with chunks and gravy, because they just lick the gravy and leave the chunks!

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