Saturday, June 06, 2015

Saturday OH What Have I DONE?

 I met two nurses pals for coffee last night. 
They had a dinner and I joined them late. 
Mary told me a story I'd never heard.
She told me her mother had Post partum depression in the late 1950s after Mary was born. 
She was the 4th child. 
First depression.
Her mom was hospitalized for 6 months and had electro shock therapy.  
Mary was sent to her aunt's house for the first 6 months of her life. 
When she was in high school her mom slowly let out bits and pieces of this story. 
Mary's mom is now struggling, like mine, with dementia.

Mary asked if I could put the blanket together that her mom cannot finish.  
I said yes. 

How could I refuse?
So here's the panels. 
I have work ahead of me.

I may have to celebrate summer and buy yarn today.
I like the look of the mitten pattern I came across yesterday with a 
variegated top. 

Hoping for a Triple Crown Winner today!


Teresa Kasner said...

That is very nice of you to sew up your friend's mother's blanket. Buying yarn.. you poor thing! I wish I could give you some of mine! LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

KSD said...

That's a remarkable and lovely thing you're doing for a friend. And it doesn't surprise me. Your heart is mighty big.

Yarn Miracle said...

Those mittens have painted their fingernails! heeehee

My grandmother only taught me to knit so that I would seam all her sweaters for her. She said she'd done enough. I feel your blanket pain - you are a good soul to volunteer!

susan said...

What a good person you are for finishing that blanket.
I think some yarn buying is definitely in order.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Araignee said...

What a story. Now that Daddio is off in dementia land for good this time, I too have mounds of quilts of his to finish. I'm not in the mind set to dive into them quite yet. Letting go is hard to do. I think that is why I am in my purging mindset. I don't want anyone to have to come in here and think they have to finish all my forgotten projects one day.

Tired Teacher said...

You'll be able to connect the panels in no time; after all, they are all finished. Right? Have you decided if you'll seam or crochet them together? Mary will treasure the result of your work.

Mereknits said...

What a story. I am so glad you will be able to put that blanket together for your friend.

Amy at love made my home said...

I am sure that you will finish the blanket for your friend beautifully and she will really appreciate it. xx

Lynn said...

How are you planning on putting the blanket together? It looks just lovely. What a special memory and gift it will be when finished.

Caffeine Girl said...

You are so kind to put together the blanket for your friend and her mom. That is the kind of gift money can't buy!

Judy S. said...

What a nice thing you volunteered to do! Wasn't that an awesome race? We didn't get to see it and only heard it on the radio, but it was still exciting.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That's very sweet of you - I'm sure she'll treasure it!

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