Friday, June 19, 2015

Long Awaited Visitors

 It is a week of friends coming back to Chicago.
It makes for a wonderful week.
Yesterday Knit pal, Kathy C. otherwise known as KFC,
came to knit group.  Kath moved back to Atlanta after over 25 years in Chicago.  Her brother tragically died in a house fire last year and the pull to live back home was stronger than ever. 
We miss her but she's the same wonderful Kath.
She knit a top that does not fit her and gave it to me. 
What?  That's just bigger and better than the Stanley Cup to me!

Meg is knitting a ruffled skirt and it will be fantastic.  Karen is knitting the blue shawl in the top photo and it is called Positive Thoughts. 

Today, Baby sister Patti Ann is visiting us from Arizona.
We love her and her four girls.  Two of the girls are with her. 
The Hello Kitty cookie is for her youngest, Maria.
They are all animal lovers and I know the cats will love them..
They are in town to love and hug and kiss my sweet mom.
My mom adored them all.  I know she will recognize their 
tone and their souls at their visit. 
My doctor who specializes in geriatric psych says the last thing to go with Alzheimers is the recognition of family. 

Summer is for Chicagoans to return home!


Nancy Kay said...

Isn't it great when the Chicagoans return!! I feel the same about Wyomingites! Ha. The summer knits look terrific; these are good sized projects!!

Caffeine Girl said...

It is so nice when people come back, isnt it? Madison is off the beaten track so it doesn't happen as often as I'd like. Sweet cookie -- pun intended!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Sounds like you have a lot of fun planned!

Dee said...

What a sweet post!

That Hello Kitty cookie is TOO ADORABLE!

Araignee said...

It's so nice to be surrounded by good friends and family!

Tired Teacher said...

Expected visits are wonderful and unexpected ones are even better. Enjoy your time with friends and family.

Teresa Kasner said...

I hope your mom recognizes them. It broke my heart when my mom forgot who I was a long time before she passed away. ((hugs)), Teresa

Mereknits said...

You have our Stanley Cup and our Baseball Coach, what is up with Chicago!

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