Friday, May 15, 2015

The Right Mix and The Wrong Mix

 The giant Hosta can be observed moving up and out of the ground in a period of a few days.  I love the leaves when they first emerge and have no ugly age spots.   These hosta are so big I'm not even sure they are hosta.  A family of rabbits could live under them. 
You could drink a glass of wine from those unfurled middles.  
My back garden is a Mix of Hosta and rose bushes.
Some summers I'm into growing vegetables and herbs, this summer I just want my roses to be magnificent. 
It is a perfect mix if you ask me. 

 My friend Meg is crocheting this shawl for her daughter's wedding day.   Meg is a knitting phenom.  She wanted to crochet this one and I think it is going to be magnificent.  The middle back section is where the beading happens. 
 Here's her start in a sea ice color way.  It is a perfect pattern/yarn mix.  

Below: learning from mistakes:

This would be my convertible mitten experiment.
I hate this yarn. 
I bought it long ago,  thinking it was like watermelon (and would not pool.) 
Since my mitten/fingerless glove trial, this week, 
I've decided not to make the other.

Maybe I'll make a pair in a different yarn. 
The concept was easy enough. 
I did muck up the thumb placement, so for the next one, I'd have to pay closer attention.  

Who wants a watermelon mitten in the winter anyhow?
It was just the wrong mix. 

Here are some of my favorite mixes:

Roasted corn and butter
Blue jeans and a white shirt
Champagne and champagne
Fritos and guacamole
Roses and baby's breath
Sunsets and water
comments and comments

And you?
What are your favorite mixes?


Vera said...

Wine and dark chocolate - yay! Your mixes are great too. Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sunflower butter and apples
Chocolate and raspberries

Nancy Kay said...

Sounds like your garden is starting to unfurl it's spring beauty.

The beaded shawl - another beauty. Won't that be stunning on the bride?

Caffeine Girl said...

My absolute favorite pair:
Coffee and half/half
Runner up:
Chocolate and raspberries, just like Dee.

Katherine said...

I like white button and Shitake mushrooms together both in color and taste. I also like biscuits and orange marmalade together both in color and taste. It sounds like I equate color with food.

I wish I could grow roses but I always fail so I'll stick with herbs. I would like to see your roses!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I kinda like the mitten yarn!

As we are slowly coming into summer - one of my faves - strawberries and vanilla ice-cream!

Teresa Kasner said...

I like seasonal color mixes. I made a fall shawl in autumn colors and a spring one in blues, greens and lavenders. I then made a deep winter one in all blood red. Now I want to make a summer one of ivory alpaca. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mereknits said...

Hmmmmm, my brain can't think right now, how about chocolate and chocolate! That mitten could be a puppet.

elns said...

You are so fun, you know that?

I love, "champagne and champagne" hahaha!

I've got caffeine girls' back with the coffee and half and half. It's like dessert and morning all in a cup.

Mashed potatoes and gravy. The quintessential hug from the inside :)

kathy b said...

ohhh mashed potatoes and gravy!
strawberries and ice cream!
sunbutter and apples

you guys....wonderful mixes!

Tired Teacher said...

Use the watermelon yarn with a solid color for socks and/or mittens - alternating yarn every three or four rows. I think you'll like the result.

Hot tea & scones

kathy b said...

Great idea Nancy. I think it might work with black yarn!
Oh and scones and tea! yes

KSD said...

Ocean waves and ocean breezes
Boots and jeans
Peanut butter and honey

SissySees said...

Sissy & Gretchen are my favorite pair!

Love, LOVE that shawl.

My boy-dogs' roses are blooming, and the deer didn't eat them last night.

Oh! Popcorn and REAL butter... ah...

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