Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Blue Skies Monday

 We had a beautiful May weather day yesterday, so we went bike riding. 
We saw a horse named Hank, and a baltimore oriole. 

The skies were gloriously blue.
My new seat made my arse feel fine for the entire ride. 
I also borrowed Fireman's riding gloves and you know what?
My hands did not fall asleep once on the ride.
FYI: the Des Plaines River Trail.

I used to think, as a child, that all of our water was polluted. 
Yup really.  Now, I know we have sandy/muddy bottomed rivers and that makes the water look dirty even when it isn't. 
I thought people in other parts of the USA just had blue clear water because they were cleaner. 
The river at its most shallow looked very clean and clear yesterday. 

 We  enjoyed the day to it's fullest,  and I treasured how lucky I am to be retired.   We never touched the ground so I did not have to worry about ticks.  The trail was  crushed gravel and nice and wide. 
We have lots of ticks in this area, and I do not like them one bit. 
Huck used to get ticks often and once in awhile we would get one too.   If I so much as saw one crawling on me, I itched for days. 
So, yet another reason to like cycling. 

If you noticed how flat our land is, well you are right.
That's how I like to ride, on the flat with the wind at my back. 
Thank you ALL for the great ideas for my mitten tip finishes.
This community of knitters is so helpful. 
I knew if I asked,  you would all step up and share 
the answers. 
 I will be inside with the heat on today, as we are 30 degrees cooler today than yesterday . Ahh Chicago Spring, it is a fickle thing. 

How's your weather today?
As you like it?
Will you knit inside or out? 


Vera said...

Oh that looks like a gorgeous ride. I'm with you -- flat and wind at my back. And ticks - yikes! I hate them. Our son ended up with Lyme Disease the other year...fortunately he is fine now. But we are vigilent with inspections now and since our cat goes outside we check him regularly. Weather has sure been strange this Spring.

Tired Teacher said...

I would ride my bike if the trails were flat, but that's not happening here.

Love that clear blue sky! It's been overcast and rainy here and basically dreary. Sigh! The moisture is good, but I loved me some blue sky.

Katherine said...

We haven't gone for a bike ride in a long, long time, but I have a good imagination so when I ride the exercise bike I imagine I am riding in the country. The breeze is cool and the wildflowers smell delicious! I would love to go for a walk today but it is rainy and we have had tornado warnings.

Dee said...

That trail looks like a beautiful place to ride.

Tomorrow we are going kayaking along Egan Creek. I'm hoping that we will get some good photos for the blog.

Tonight was hot, humid and stormy. The lightning over the march was AMAZING!!! It's the kind of lightning you only see in the National Geographic magazine.

elns said...

Ack Ticks (runs screaming). Okay a bit dramatic, but ticks scare me? gross me out?

Your pictures show us just how beautiful the day was!

Araignee said...

Pup decided to snuggle up to me the other night about 2 am which is odd as she is Daddy's girl. As soon as she settled in I felt something walking across my arm. Yep. A big old tick. Uggy buggy. I didn't sleep a wink for the rest of the night. I thought I washed it down the drain and there it was in the morning walking up my bathroom wall.
As for our weather, it is hot and muggy and I am covered in bug bites. I hate it. I already miss winter.

Teresa Kasner said...

I'm glad you had a good ride and enjoyed your new seat! Ticks are icky things.. glad you kept away from them. Sorry I couldn't help with the knitting question.. it's way beyond my skill set. It was cool here today.. but not too bad. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

karen said...

our rivers are brown in PA nothing is blue. I love how you love to be retired and how you sing it's praises! I also love how active you are and how you fill your retired days.

Mereknits said...

Your bike ride looked so beautiful. Our lakes here are a mess of algae and all sorts of mean critters I want no part of. I'd rather take my chance in the ocean.

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