Thursday, April 09, 2015

An All Over the Place Long Post: You Have Been Warned

 *Let's start with cats.  Hee hee.
This is Pippa.  She was my foster 3 years ago. 
She is Beatles' mom. 
She is STILL waiting to go home with somebody. 
Pippa doesn't show well.  She often just sleeps during visitor hours. 
She has come a really long way. 
She is very particular. 
She likes to drink from the cat room faucet. 
She loves the laser pointer.
You just cannot force yourself on Pippa. 
I've seen her come to really love one or two cat room attendants over the years. 
She needs an old experienced cat person to adopt her. 
If you know of anyone who wants to even try by fostering  her first, please let me know.  I have seen a soft side of her and I think she has potential.  

 * On with the next thing: products.
I still love the smell of Noxzema.  
It was the first thing I bought as a teen ager on my own.
I still love a good Noxzema wash.
I was considering buying the Clarisonic, but I think I won't. 
I know they are expensive, but so is a facial right?
Something tells me it will just sit on the vanity. 
What do you think? 

I tried the Benefit dark circle eye cream. 
I still have dark circles.
You know what works? 
A sun tan. 
Too bad I don't want skin cancer..
or I'd just get more sun. 
What's your secret to getting rid of dark eye circles?
I love to photograph farms. 
I don't particularly like to photograph cities at all.
Considering the amount of dirt I see on The Incredible Doctor Pol series, you'd think a city could not be dirtier than a farm.
In my mind, farms are so beautiful that even the poop can't make it less beautiful. 

*Sometimes I have a deep desire to raise animals.
I know everyone says rabbits poop and poop and poop.
If I ever live in the country, I will raise cute fluffy angora rabbits.
I swear I will.
Please don't tell Fireman this. 
Some dreams need to be kept under wraps.
*Do  you have a dream you keep to yourself? 


Katherine said...

I am not a true cat person. I like them from afar. Son's cats cut a wide path around me (they probably smell dogs), but I can tell you for sure that if I was going to adopt a cat it would be one like Pippa. She appeals to me. She seems quiet and a little aloof which are qualities I appreciate in a cat.

My secret dream is a world without snakes in it!! Now all the nature people can jump on me. Every time I say I hate snakes and kill every one that I find in our yard, someone tells me how wrong that is. So I try to keep my feelings a secret.

RedSetter said...

Poor sweet Pippa, hope she finds her forever person soon.

Meh to the clarisonic, sounds like a great idea but I cannot be faffed with spending half an hour on a bedtime 'ritual' with a dozen pre-cleanse, cleanse and après-cleans products before doing serum, oil and moisture. Does the day really need so rigorously sucked from your face then everything you took out replaced with stuff from a jar? I love beauty potions and gadgets but if its at the expense of extra snooze time then its straight in the bin!

Ps the only cure for dark circles is even darker sunglasses as nothing really works. I've tried everything from drinking gallons of water and grated spuds on my dark circles (apparently a miracle cure) to mega expensive creams and serums (guaranteed to work) and I still have dark circles that scare me. If you find the solution do let me know.

Tired Teacher said...

I love cats, but have only had one house cat. After that experience, my mother said I was limited to the barn cats on the farm. Two years ago, an allergy test revealed I was allergic to cats - go figure!

I use Dove soap and Neutragena moisturizer - that's it. Anything else causes Rosacea to flare.

KSD said...

Firstly, glad you survived the night of storms.

Secondly, I've never found anything that helps with dark circles. TONS of things for puffiness, though. I don't have Puffy, I have Darkness.

Thirdly, the smell of Noxzema is so strong in my nose/brain right now. . .

susan said...

Oh, I hope your little Pippa finds a forever home soon. We already have a rescue dog that we're in love with.
I've given up on dark circles. I use concealer that lightens them up a bit. And I just started using lemon juice on a cotton ball in the morning and evening under my organic moisturizer. I'll let you know if it lightens them up.

Anonymous said...

I hope Pippa finds a forever home soon.

I love the smell of Noxzema too, but I can't use it. There is something in it that makes me break out in a terrible rash. Maybe I could just buy a jar and take a sniff now and then.

Teresa Kasner said...

You're good to love and care for Pippa.. I hope she gets adopted soon and is well taken care of. Not sure about secret dreams.. I just blurt mine right out and go after them. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

knitterbeader said...

Love your post. We no longer have cats or dogs. Our last dog was a 170 lb. Newfoundland named Bear. What a sweet "gentle giant" he was. Now that we seem to always be on the go, it's just too difficult to find someone or a place to farm them out.
I love Noxema also and it keeps my skin fairly moisturized. And...fortunately I don't have dark circles to worry about.
I hope Pippa finds her furever home soon - she looks sweet.

Araignee said...

Too bad about Pippa. Aloof cats are my favorite kind. I don't like the lovey dovey ones because I'm allergic. My semi ferals are just fine with me. We coexist very happily.
I stopped looking in the mirror at 60, It serves no purpose other than to upset me. Nature has to take its course. Sigh....
Scary night for storms, eh? I was worried to death about Son in Michigan.

Beth Coleman said...

I dream of a tiny house, off the grid, in the mountains. And wool, lots and lots of it!

Nancy Kay said...

Pippa is very pretty cat! I hope she finds just the right home.

Yes, rabbits make a lot of piles of poop, but they sure are cute! (I'm hoping that bunny poop makes great fertilizer for the grass, because they dropped a lot on my little plot of grass this winter!)

elns said...

Oh that bunny. So cute. so so cute. I think it's why I can't eat rabbit. I think bunny, and part of me thinks cat. Does that make any sense?

Anyhow, I cannot believe you just brought up Noxema?!? Crazypants! I want to run out and open a jar in the nearest drugstore and huff it now. As you can see, I'm bonkers for the smell too. Yes, it smells like my youth to me, in a good way :)

Your posts are always good Kathy. I like hearing you think.

Mereknits said...

I will come and visit your farm and pet your bunnies. Could you have a sheep or two, and maybe an alpaca? I find that dark circles aren't cured by anything and I also think sun spots are a cruel trick of nature, nothing fixes them either, and of course the paler you are the worse they look. Poor Pippa, she sounds like she needs just the right person, maybe an older person with no animals and lots of patience.

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