Monday, March 02, 2015

We Have a New Knit Project

*I'm in love with some yarn. 
Berroco Flicker is a blend of Baby Alpaca and acrylic.
At just 12 dollars a skein, I can buy two and knit this one row cowl. 
My friend Mary compliments my knitting, and it is high time I knit something for her. 

This is one of the cases where I went around the Yarn Shop and felt things.  I kept picking up things made with FLICKER.
So I had to have that yarn. 
Luckily for me, a woman over heard me and said she had knitted the One Row Cowl in Flicker. 
This was all happening at Mosaic Yarn in Mt. Prospect.
One of the employees had created the pattern and she happened to be working yesterday, too. 
Yarn, plus free pattern = happy me!

*The March sun is shining brightly through my windows today. 

*We Spring Forward with the clocks this weekend!

*Must go now.  Must do the ordinary things that make a day here.
Groceries and the like.
I Love ordinary days.  Do you?


Kim in Oregon said...

Are there shiny bits in it? I love the color.

kathy b said...

YUp! There are shiny bits in it but the don't alter the softness one bit

Pammy Sue said...

Love your new header picture! Have fun with your new yarn and scarf pattern.

knitterbeader said...

I'll have to check out that Flicker yarn! Sounds nice.

I've knit 10 One Row Scarves in the past, and love the quick and easiness of them. I never thought about making a cowl from one.

Yes, I love "ordinary" days (like today), when there is nothing "scheduled" - just a time to catch up on things!!

Have a good "ordinary" day!

Nancy Kay said...

The cowl pattern is not one I've seen before, and it looks as though it will be light, soft, and warm. Perfect! Yes, I look forward to ordinary days; there's something comforting about familiar routines!

Katherine said...

I would love an ordinary day but it's not going to happen until after April 15th. Not complaining! Said I wouldn't!!

I love the one row cowl. What a great idea. I also have knit it as a scarf but I would love to knit it as a cowl.

Teresa Kasner said...

Gorgeous, lacy cowl.. I look forward to seeing it all done up. I'm enjoying my ripple making. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Nancy said...

My ordinary days are wonderful and relaxing. I look forward to days without a lot of errands.

Araignee said...

Love ordinary days. I am only happy when I'm in a rut.
Love the cowl. Perfect for when we go from freezing to chilly. I feel naked without my cowl but it's getting too warm for it.

Mereknits said...

You are going to love this new project. Beautiful yarn you are using.

SapphireBlue said...

How adorable is that header? It's crackings me up. You new project looks lovely. I love blue.

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