Thursday, February 05, 2015

Of Skies and Cameras and Books

 I laughed all the way through this book by Jim Gaffigan. 
I even laughed during some turbulence on the plane, while reading this book. 
The Flight attendants had to take their seats for a bit. 
I was happy to have this funny book with me.
I am still not a huge fan of getting on the big bird, but I do it.  

 I wanted to show you the Key West Sunshine. 
I found Key West too crowded and dirty for my liking this trip. 
Is that a odd thing for someone from Chicago to say?  Chicago is kept clean, especially downtown where tourists are shopping. 

  I much prefer Marathon Key. 

 This is the sunset from the SUNSET GRILLE
in Marathon. I love this place. 
We watched the Superbowl from here. 

People were drinking blue drinks out of goldfish type bowls.  
I guess a little alcohol leads to creativity!
Fireman has been intuitive lately.
He asked me if I needed a new camera a few days before this broke. 
This was my 45 dollar clearance Sony from Target a few years back. 
It was my experiment to prove that I could take blog photos just as well from a cheap camera as an expensive one. 
Even a cheap camera has more features than I know how to use! 

Oh, about my knitting....
I am about 2/3rds the way through knitting my SUNFLOWER socks for the second time.

So, that's what I read, 
that's how I took pictures,
and That's what I'm knitting. 

How about you?


karen said...

I do love that comedian, he is funny and I do like that is content is clean overall :) Wow, looks like you got your money's worth from that camera!! Lovely FL sunshine :)

Beth Coleman said...

I have that book on my must read list. I'm sort of thinking about a new camera -- DD has one that uploads wirelessly. Do I NEED a new camera? No. But wireless importing sounds really good, not having to deal with cords and stuff. You have given me a heavy case of Florida envy! Have fun for me!

Nancy said...

I need to find and purchase a lightweight camera. I love the one I have but rarely use it because it is too clunky and heavy. I've been using my phone for photos more and more.

Love that Florida sky and the photo from Marathon. Ahhh, can you say Summer!

knitterbeader said...

Loved your post today: book review - Florida travel - knitting and camera. Nice............

Teresa Kasner said...

I am reading.. YOU
I take photos with my LUMIX-DMC-ZS40
I just finished knitting a wash cloth. :-)

SapphireBlue said...

I have a nice SLR that I bought 8 years ago. The screen on the back is broken, and it probably could be replaced, but it's still okay. I'm the same as Nancy. I've just been using my phone to post pictures to the blog, because it's just convenient and the pictures aren't to bad.

Araignee said...

I have a cheapo Kodak I keep in my bag for blog pix when I am out and about and I have an expensive Nikon I use at home. I can't tell the difference but it's probably because I can't use either of them right.
I am not knitting at the moment even though I have tons of things on the needles. I am working on a quilting and a weaving project I hope to have done by the 14th. As if.
I've been to Florida once and I hated it. I had morning sickness the whole time (it was ages ago) and it was hot and smelly. I've never been back.

Nancy Kay said...

Love the picture from Marathon. I don't know when I'll get to Florida, but that looks like a great place to sit and enjoy a meal and seascape!

I'm using my phone more and more actually takes good pictures!

I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures of your socks...happy knitting!

Katherine said...

I've heard about people drinking from a goldfish bowl but only AFTER a few alcoholic beverages. My daughter is in Miami now with a group of nurse friends and the first thing she said is that it was over crowded and dirty, but still beautiful at sunset.

Delusional Knitter said...

What a lovely sky (I say from under 3-4 feet, yup, FEET of snow). Glad that book kept you company on the plane. I too keep thinking I really need to figure out all the buttons and menu options on my camera so I can take great blog photos ...

Mereknits said...

Fireman is the best. Love the Florida sunset.

Caffeine Girl said...

I haven't been to the Keys in about a quarter century, but I loved them back then.
I have gotten very lazy and I mostly take photos with my iPhone. I know this is a bad habit. Maybe this summer I'll try to get back in touch with a camera.

Dee said...

Look like your little Sony had a good run.

I have a Nikon Coolpix that looks exactly like that. I don't use it much, but it sure is convenient to have something that small to slip in a pocket.

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