Tuesday, February 03, 2015

.....Day 34, 2015 Home from The Keys

We flew home from the Florida Keys today.
Fireman and I had a wonderful week with our friends Larry and Sandy. 
Sandy worked with me in the NICU before she retired (a year ahead of me). 

This is Schwenke....that's his name.
He was the dive master on a trip Fireman and I took.  I hadn't been diving since our honeymoon and I didn't want to dive. 
I was a "bubble watcher" and went along for the ride. 
Fireman had a wonderful time diving amid the reef with fish and turtles. 
We loaded up on dramamine and even then I was texting AL from the boat about increasing my doses. It is great to have a daughter in the ER who can ask a pharmacist for advice....then my little question goes up to a satellite somewheres and comes back with an answer. 
I had liberal coverage and despite some rolling seas, I was FINE. 

I brought my sock knitting. 
I had to ask Schwenke to be my guest blogger. 
He was only too happy to comply. 

Fireman was a Fire Dept diver so he is at ease in the water.  He is used to diving in Cold Lake Michigan with no visibility looking for bodies.  I think he looks cute in his face mask. 

So we gloated a bit on Superbowl Sunday when we watched the game from the SUNSET Grille bar, and missed the snowstorm. It is not that we wished it on anyone, but we were very glad to be in the sunny Keys. 

I LOVE to come home. (even when it means more snow) I believe that it is a tiny miracle that I can board a big plane in the Sun in the morning and be in my sweet home sweet home by the afternoon. 

Do you love to come home?


Caffeine Girl said...

You know, I do love to come home. As wonderful as traveling is, I am always happy to be back in my own space.

Teresa Kasner said...

I am just jealous of your trip to the Keys.. I've always wanted to go there but haven't been yet. Welcome home!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

knitterbeader said...

I definitely like to travel, but it's just about as much fun to come home and get back to our "rut" we are sometimes in. i.e. knitting meetups, etc.

Araignee said...

Yes...yes...yes! I couldn't wait to get home after four days at Daughter's. Your trip looks awesome. I could use some sun and sand right about now. We've got no snow but it's cold and I hate cold without snow. What's the point?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE to go, but I LOVE to come home to my ordinary routine too. Right now, I'm itching to get away for a little bit. Maybe after Shelby goes home to her family.

Fireman is ADORABLE! God bless him for what he did. I can't imagine fishing people out of water. It has to happen here a LOT. People keep driving into lakes, ponds and rivers and sometimes even the ocean. The first responders are AMAZING in their dedication to what they do.

karen said...

lovely vacation. I love home so much I don't like to leave it ever. Whenever we leave for a trip i have a count down to when we will be home...

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I am a total paradox - I love traveling - but I love coming home just as much!

Katherine said...

Diver dude holding a sock that looks like sunshine and ocean waves--priceless!!

So glad you had a wonderful trip. I agree, there is no place like home! I love it everyday and especially when we have been away.

Nancy said...

I love to travel but can usually tell when it's time to head home, as I tend to get cranky for some reason. I miss the routine of my predictable life if I'm gone too long.

Your photos make me yearn for a warmer climate on this cold winter day with 3-4 inches of new snow on the walks to be shoveled.

Nancy Kay said...

Sunshine, the Keys, watching the Super Bowl from the Grille, and having a handsome diver hold your knitting...yowza...what a great time! I sure enjoy a great vacation, but I'm always happy to return home!

Beth Coleman said...

Yes! I love coming home!

SapphireBlue said...

Beautiful photos! I like the one in silhouette. Yes, vacation is a lot of fun, but coming home is great.

Mereknits said...

I am so glad you had a great time, sounds perfect to watch the Superbowl for the Keys.

SissySees said...

I do love to come home, even just from work. It is especially joyful when the dogs sprint off the porch and meet me, but that requires the Knight's participation... so it is a rarer treat, not the norm.

Judy S. said...

Wow, it must be way more fun to dive to see fish and turtles! Sounds like you had a great time. We are glad to be home, too, as it's warmer here than in FLA. PS We did not gloat on Super Bowl Sunday. :>(

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