Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 12 , 2105....A solution to the needle problem

 I figured out a way to make the knitting less stressful.   I borrowed Karen's 9 circs and I knit from one long circ to the other....on  each row. 
This makes the tension much easier. 
So there is hope that I won't cave on Kina. 
I have an inch to go before I cast off the sleeves and I cannot wait to get there.
I think I'll love Kina when she's done but I am not loving the process. 
Sweaters are hard work. Especially when you make them more work than they need to be..ahem..
Repeat after me, sweaters are hard work. 
Did I already tell you that I ran into Nina and her fun mom at my LYS?  Nina is an exceptional Labor and Delivery Nurse. Whenever I'd see her face I'd feel better about being at a baby code. 
That is if you can feel better at a baby code.
Well when she wasn't at a code Nina knit her gorgeous sweater.  Her mom knit her beautiful
scarf. Purple goes so well with aqua and I never make that connection....
Next up...purple with aqua!

What's your favorite newish color combo?


Katherine said...

I like purple and turquoise too. And I especially like Nina's sweater and her Mom's scarf. Two beautiful people and their beautiful knitting. Great post!

Nancy Kay said...

Good solution! I bet that makes a world of difference.

I like purple and turquoise as well. They make a great combo!

Kim in Oregon said...

Good solution! I might steal it from you..sort of socks on two circs!

elns said...

Sweaters are HARD WORK! No doubt. I'm trying to keep up the sweater knitting spirits as well. I am telling myself NOT to cast anything else until it's done...

I like how you are making it happen. Take the stress out, make it easier where and when you can. That's the best!

Nancy said...

My new color combo is teal, burgundy, and sage green.

Isn't it fun to unexpected run into friends.

Anonymous said...

Kina sure is a pretty color.

Love when I run into friends. Luckily, it happens pretty often here. I'ved lived here a LONG time.

Judy S. said...

Great color on your LK! Hang in there as you will love it, very worth the effort. And it'll look great with your eyes. Have you found a button yet? As for colors, lately I've been tending towards solids which is very unusual for me!

KSD said...

I like "jumper needles" like these: I have quite a few circulars (almost all of them my mother's), but much prefer these when I've got a lot of stitches.

Araignee said...

I always give myself a year for a sweater. They are hard work.
I love yellow and black. My yellow Crocs with my black pants make me happy in all this January gloom. I look like a bumblebee and that reminds me of spring. I can't wait to get outside and play with fleece again.

karen said...

I like the idea of a gray with a yellow, I haven't knit that combo yet but I do love it!!!

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