Sunday, December 21, 2014

Al and Zach

 Al knitted her own creation for a pal's gift. 
She used a variation of a broom stitch and alternated it with
Xmitts Pattern.  
The true color is below. 
Where did she get this knit gene? 

Below is a photo from last night.  
Zach and Izzy are dating and they are so darn cute together. 
Izzy is the daughter of a nurse pal, Rem. 
They have so many common interests.
Music, art, Spanish, and TENNIS.
Oh and they have amazing mothers....
did I mention that?  

Meredith mentioned she is a terrible wrapper of gifts. 
SO AM I!!! I m so excited to hear this. 
I love making and finding gifts, but I'm a lousy wrapper. 
Oh well!  

Are you wrapped and ready? 


knitterbeader said...

No, I'm not wrapped and ready! Every day this week I've gotten up with the intention of: baking cookies and candy making; wrapping gifts (I don't have a lot); straightening up the house before family gets here, and so far I still have all those things to do. Got unexpected overnight guests one of those days so that set me back. So now it's rush, rush, rush!!!

knitterbeader said...

Oh, I forgot - love the scarf design and obviously Al takes after her mom.

Anonymous said...

Al has the "fearless knitter" gene. I think maybe she got it from her Mom (the one who takes on NICU fearlessly) and her dad (who runs into buildings when everyone else is running out). Al is AMAZING!!! Beautiful combo of stitches.

I am NOT wrapped and ready. Steve bought wrapping paper this morning and I swear it is sitting on the counter taunting me. I can hear those little snowmen just making very rude comments about their fate.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I got everything wrapped last night. I'm finishing my cooking up today - then I'm ready!

Judy S. said...

Wrapping is my least favorite Christmas activity! And it's not done either. That scarf is wonderful; she should publish the pattern!

Beth Coleman said...

True confession time: i'm a terrible wrapper and hate to do it. I hired a friend's teenager daughter to do all my wrapping. Totally worth it. I may never wrap another present!

Nancy said...

Zach & Izzy do make a good-looking couple!

No wrapping done here, but I love to wrap gifts. Bring yours over and we'll make an afternoon of it!

Katherine said...

Zach and Izzy are so cute!! They look like a fun couple. As for gift wrapping--I cheat! I am all bagged and ready. I've done gift bags for so many years that my kids look at a wrapped gift and ask, "What am I supposed to do with this?" Why do I bag instead of wrap? Because I am lousy at wrapping. I have been known to tape my shirt into the wrapping.

Katherine said...

P.S. Al's scarf is amazing!!

Mrs. Micawber said...

That's why God created gift bags. :)

Is Zach your son? He sure is cute ... and so is Izzy.

I think I know where Al got the knitting gene. :)

Araignee said...

I hate wrapping. The Mister does all mine.
The scarf is amazing. I'm in awe of people who design.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

The scarf is lovely. And young love is sweet. :) No wrapped gifts here. I gave out small presents at work but we don't need anything here at home. Except for clothes for the 16 year old and when I wrap those, he says they aren't presents, so why bother. We all have every little thing we need, that's for sure. Happy holidays, Tammy

Nancy Kay said...

Yes, wrapped and ready! Lovely scarf!

karen said...

a beautiful couple! I am wrapped and more than ready!!

Mereknits said...

Yes I did and I really stink at it. Aren't they the cutest couple ever!

elns said...

I'm seriously crap at wrapping as well. The Manfriend is much better than me, alas I ended up doing most of it this year. I have just a few more things to take care of, but I am secure in finishing with ease.

elns said...

By the way, the pic of the kids is too cute. I have not been around much lately, but it looks like your holidays are really shaping up well with lots of love from your family. Fantastic!

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