Sunday, November 09, 2014

Crazy Cat Ladies

 Yesterday my pal Linda and I did a crazy thing. 
We went to a cat show. 
I've been dying to go to one for a long time.

Linda is my spaynueter OR partner and longtime nurse pal.
She is an animal lover.
The TICA's Cat show was in St. Francis Wisconsin.
How fitting...
 It was fascinating and kooky as you would imagine.
 This Judge was happy to teach us about each breed and what she was looking for in conformation. 
I was pretty amazed at how calm these cats, most of them, were (being taken out of crates, handled, and not reacting to the clapping crowd.)

I fell in love the with Maine Coons.  I think I may have to get a Maine Coon when dear Rozzy passes on. 
I found a reputable breeder and she is highly regarded.

Somehow, being in the shelter arena and having only mutts for cats, I feel a bit guilty about my wish. 

Then the shelter called and I'm picking up two kittens today to socialize them and put some weight on them. 
I hope I get to name them. 
I'll pass pictures along of course. 
Its only going to be for 2 weeks. Purrfect. 

There was knitting on the way. I drove, Linda knitted. 
She's making beautiful cowls for her daughters for Chanukah.
This is her Road to China Light cowl.  
She is a wonderful knitter.   


Nancy said...

What a fun outing! #104 looks so sweet and loving.

Love Linda's cowl, too.

Nancy Kay said...

A Cat Show? That would be really fun to attend. It's hard to imagine so many cats being OK with handling, lots of noise (clapping) and such. Pretty cool. What was it about the Maine Coon cats that attracts you to them?

Very pretty cowl...I like that color combo.

Mereknits said...

What a fun cat adventure. Love your friends cowl.

Ingrid K. said...

Hi Kathy! A cat show sounds interesting indeed!
Oh, and you get to foster cats? How nice!!! :)
I love the cowl your friend made! <3
Ingrid xx

knitterbeader said...

My personal choice would also be the Maine Coon - they seem to have so much personality. We have been without a pet since we retired, and I'm not sure now that I want to have one. They are inconvenient when we want to take off on some little trip somewhere. But then again, they would be very calming to have around. Maybe...........?

Katherine said...

I really love Linda's cowl and the cats are darling. Sounds like a great trip. You are so loving and special to socialize kitties and give them love. I know it makes them healthy and happy as they go on to permanent homes. The icing on the cake is that you get to have a bit of fun with them too. Win/win!!

karen said...

I can't wait to hear what you name the kittens, even if you are not allowed to name them you can do it in your head and share it with all of us. We will keep your secret safe, promise!

Anonymous said...

Two weeks, eh???? Any chance they will become permanent residents? LOL

Araignee said...

Don't feel guilty for getting a cat from a breeder. Those babies need love too. Just because you cost a lot of money doesn't mean you'll find a forever home that treats you kindly. When dear Rozzie leaves you, do what your heart says and not your head. You of all people deserve it.

elns said...

The cat show sounds like so much fun. I love what Ariagnee says about just b/c a cat is purchased properly doesn't mean they are automatically going to get a wonderful home like they will with you. Also, you share your love across the animal and cat universe with all the fostering and volunteering you do. love that.

SapphireBlue said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the kittens even if they are just temporary residents.

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