Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Sunshine and Moonshine….

 Dryer's broken.  Thank God for wind and sunshine. 
 Sweet Rozzy has been very out of sorts.  The Elavil we put her on is helping her remember to use her litter box (100% of the time, like magic) ….but it's making her very restless.  She YOWLS frequently and cannot settle down,  so we are taking her off it. 
Fingers crossed she doesn't revert.  If she does we can try Prozac. 
She came out on the porch this weekend for the first time in months, but she was restless and as you can see by the look, she wasn't very happy.  :(  She also lost half a pound in a month. 
The moon was much more fantastic than my little image shows. 
It was glorious rising ……and we had clear skies.  Did you see it? 

If you want to make the Little Arrowhead Fingerless I showed yesterday, there is one small error in the pattern. 
When you are setting up you cast on 54 and put 18 on each needle.
The page says you put 18 on the first, 27 on the second, and 18 on the third. Of course they mean 18 on each needle.  
That is the only typo..the rest is perfect and very clear. 


Anonymous said...

Poor sweet Rozzy. Hope she does okay of the meds.

I know it is a lot of work, but I love line dried clothes. They smell so fresh.

Katherine said...

Poor little Rozzy! I hope she is much, much better soon. I put two afghans out to dry in the sun a few days ago and they smelled so wonderful when I brought them in. Love it!

So glad you told me about the error on the mitts pattern. I printed the pattern yesterday and pulled out some yarn for them this morning. I can't wait to start. It will give me a break from the sweater.

KSD said...

I grew up without a clothes dryer: my friends and I loved it when my mother would hang sheets: super-cool hideout.

Hug Rozzy for me.

Nancy Kay said...

Wind...sunshine...a beautiful moon...all such blessings in a day. Loves to Rozzy.

karen said...

I hope your cat feels better....nothing is worse than worrying about a being that cannot speak english and you have to guess!

Mereknits said...

That poor baby looks very stressed. I saw the moon this morning breaking through the clouds as I drove to work, it was gorgeous.

Nancy said...

Sadly, it was overcast last night, so no moon sightings to report.

Araignee said...

I LOVE hanging clothes on the line. I don't do it very often but when I do it's a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.
I missed the moon because it was raining here.
I am so sorry that kitty is not feeling well. We've got a sick old doggie here too and it's not fun. It's tough to get old no matter what species you are.

SissySees said...

I hope Rozzy is feeling better. It's so hard when they are out of sorts. Gg is back to normal, and absolutely full of herself! Note to self... when your JRT isn't hyper, something is WRONG.

Judy S. said...

Ginger and Mocha send hugs to Rozzy. Thanks for the moon photo; it rained here. :>(

Ingrid K. said...

Hello Kathy,
Thanks for your kind visit to my blog! :) Aww, Rozzy is such a cute cat, give her my cuddles, hope she is better soon! (We got 3 cats!!)

You got a lovely blog, I have been reading about your visit to the wool festival. I've been to something similar whilst I still lived in England (http://www.woolfest.co.uk/). They also have the animals there to see, people give demonstrations of their craft,etc. plus you can buy wooooooool!!! (I loved it!!!)

The moon was also out really clear on Monday night whilst I was sitting at a bus stop waiting for the bus to take me home from my Dutch class. It was amazing, I wished I had a camera with me!

Your fingerless gloves look great, good luck with your knitting!
I also spotted that Rowan book with the simple crochet projects, what do you think of it? (It's on my wish list). Are you going to make something else from it? I like the look of the cowl you made from it!!! Very pretty!
Must get back to my yarn winding!
Take care,
Ingrid xx

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