Monday, September 01, 2014

Houston We Have a Problem

 I can honestly say this ones not my fault. 
While I love the look of the madelon tosh sock
in purple and creme, 
it wants to roll. 
I have about 200 plus stitches live now on a lifeline.
I have 22 rows left to knit and that's about 4500 stitches if you do the math, without a few increases. 
 I'm thinking I will frog it.  Yup.  Without any tears, or regrets.
I did not have one messed up stitch either…of course I did drop some stitches along the way but I caught them …
Nothing will change the fact that
the design flaw makes it want to roll and I know no amount of blocking will change that. 
I feel strangely free.
I know that just barreling through the next 4500 stitches and ending up with a rolling shawl would make me C R A Z Y 
 Carry on!  
I may knit some fingerless with that yarn. 
I've been enamored with Allfreeknittings bluebell fingerless.
I want a lace challenge..
It is only 4 rows.  That is my lace limit. :) 
Ideas, Thoughts?  No tears though! 

One the cat front:
Beatles is my pretend outside cat. 
He was out on the leash looking so magnificent yesterday.
He cries when we bring him in. 
Happy labor Day. 


Judy S. said...

Bummer! Could you put an edging on it? Those mitts look like cute patterns, and then of course, Beatle is the cutest of all. I still am amazed he will tolerate a leash. All of our cats became immediately paralyzed with one on.

Nancy said...

I hear ya: if a project doesn't work, frog and knit a different project.

I wish more cat owners used a leash. My neighborhood is overrun with cats. I don't like that they kill birds and rabbits and leave the bodies in my yard.

Mereknits said...

I say make it again but use garter stitch, it takes a bit more yarn but will not roll. It is beautiful by the way.

SissySees said...

I'm frogging too, but I'm only a few rows into the latest kickbag. It doesn't like my gauge or the yarn or ... Frog and move on.

Love that photo of Beatles! He looks a bit like my Socrates in that photo. Joy!

Araignee said...

Whoa....that's what my last Color Affection did because I knit the edge too tight. Frogging is liberating. Go for it and don't look back!

karen said...

I'm sad about the ripping out but you know if you are not happy with it now while knitting then you will definitely not be happy with it all done. Good luck!

Dee said...

Yep . . . if it's going to roll, or otherwise misbehave, it must be frogged. I think that yarn would be better as mitts anyway.

We tried taking Shelby outside yesterday. She cried and cried to go out. So, I put the leash on her, opened the door and all of the sudden ....outside was NOT where she wanted to be. Guess the big world was bigger than she thought.

Nancy Kay said...

Projects that roll (when they are not supposed to) drive me crazy too. So, I can understand that frogging is a must. I usually don't handle it very well though...LOL. Love the fingerless mitt patterns...yes, you could do the Bluebell mitts! So pretty. Beatles loving the outdoors...that's the best.

elns said...

Yes, I have one that is a year old that I need to frog for rolling factor. I'm glad you have no regrets.

Katherine said...

I think before I would frog all that lovely knitting (and the shawl is beautiful!) I would iron that puppy!! I can't say that I have ever tried it but I've heard that a warm iron over a pressing cloth will do wonders for a rolling knitted object.

OMG I am in love with the seed stitch mitts. I think I'm having seed stitch withdrawal. I haven't knit any for at least three months.

Beatles is so cute in the grass on the leash!

SapphireBlue said...

Frogging is so painful, but if you aren't happy with it, do it.

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