Sunday, September 21, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

 This is Liz.  She is wearing the sweater she knit: 
Coloratura on Ravelry. 
She used Claudia's Handpaint. 
This sweater is knit in strips. 
I can knit strips.  It has no buttons. 
I don't like knitting button holes or sewing buttons.
But remember yesterday's post ….I swore off sweaters. 
I think I better stick to that for at least a month..

Thanks to all of you who shared in my failures.  
I'm not alone.   I felt much better and stopped licking my wounds…
moving on….
 This amazing sunset was Friday's unexpected treat. 
Nevermind the sun is no longer working overtime round here.
She's still beautiful coming up and going down. 

Lest you think I can see the sunset easily from our congested little suburb, I have to tell you: This was taken from the prairie that is preserved just so we can have a sunset over the horizon spot.  I'm still romanticizing farm life….and big skies ….
The only farming around here is my garden. 
 I'm very cheap.  Very cheap. 
I purposely plant orange flowers so in the fall I'm color coordinated.  I plant dark coleus in pots so they look great with pumpkins beside them. 
My moss roses are all orange and they look the part right now. 
We have a perennial called,  indian flower
that is autumn colors as well. 

Our spring is full of blue irises, blue columbine,
purple hyacinth, pink peonies, yellow daffodils and a pink lily.
When they fade for the season, it is great to have my oranges, rusts, and yellows in place for a strong fall showing. 

My new knit project is the above cowl in different colors. 
My model was explicit: she did not want to be in the image.  So sorry about your chin.  Hope you are unidentifiable! 

Have you felt Road to China light yarns?  
Oh my oh my.  It's soft beyond soft. 
This pattern is a shop pattern. 
It is garter after garter after garter in two color blocks.  
The trim is I cord edging picked up all the way around in yet a third color. 
I'm back in the saddle again!!


Nancy said...

What a gorgeous sunset!

My geraniums are still blooming because I put them in the garage during the cold snap a couple of weeks ago. They will continue to thrive as long as I water them. ;o)

Araignee said...

I hate buttons and buttonholes too. They always sag or never match up. Thank goodness there are plenty of design choices these days that have done away with them.

karen said...

I do love buttons on a sweater! So i would shy away or add them your mystery model, she looks pretty with the cowl :)

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Beautiful cowl. I am such a novice knitter, even though I've been knitting many years, I stick to easy project, so buttonholes are way beyond me.

Nancy Kay said...

Lovely sweater! I think it's pretty great that you have planned your plantings so that you have oranges in the fall. Very pretty.

Yes, I have used Road to China. It is so soft and beautiful to work with. LOVE IT!!

Mereknits said...

Oh my wonderful friend you would never have any idea the magnitude of failures I have had. So many sweaters it is ridiculous. Yet I keep knitting more. I just cannot help myself it is in my blood. You looked great in that wrap.


Alyssa said...

That is such a cool looking scarf. Nice!

Katherine said...

Beautiful sunset! I love the cowl and thanks to your lovely model for showing it's beauty.

Your flowers are so pretty. I still do not have the shrubs and flowers in the front of our house planted after the big concrete remodel. It has been too hot to do anything outside except water the garden.

I think I must look up that sweater pattern.

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