Sunday, August 03, 2014

Wild Rides

 Still working on getting all those steps in daily.
Last night I thought we could walk around the nearby carnival for snicks while getting steps.
Two things happened that derailed me: 
#1-They had a beer tent.  
Fireman felt the need to support the community. 
#2- I got lazy.  
 I realize these have been picture heavy posts, but there is so much more to photograph in Summer in Chicago than in winter. 
These two ladies were getting their steps in while at the beer tent. 

Guess what? People actually let their children ride carnival rides. 
If my children did so, they never told me. 
Every piece of apparatus seemed old and dangerous. 
Some people just like to live large-
I prefer to watch them.
 Pharaohs' looking good here in the sunset. 
It was a gorgeous night to be outside. 
This is my favorite shot of the night. 

I decided to buy a cool water bottle. 
All the young things at work are skinny and they carry these things around with them everywhere…Do you?

Oh, that's right. This is a knit blog!
I'm knitting Nomad Yarns free pattern:
A Simple Baby Pullover. 

I'm past the shoulders and in the round. 
This is fun. 
I'll show you my progress tomorrow. 

Any wild rides for you this weekend?


Katherine said...

Beautiful photos! I make it a rule never to ride in anything I can't control and/or that hasn't been serviced in the last six months. My adrenaline addicted children all have, but not I!

I do carry a water bottle but I am not skinny. I wonder why.

Can't wait to see the baby sweater.

Nancy said...

Did you shake your booty at the beer tent with the other ladies?

I don't like rides on traveling carnivals, but I enjoy the ones in permanent amusement parks. When a ride is moved every four days, there are greater chances of something shaking loose or breaking.

knitterbeader said...

I don't have a water bottle like that, so maybe if I get one I'd be skinny??? I'm like you, won't ride on these "traveling shows". Loved the pictures, though.

Judy S. said...

We're doing our "wild" ride tomorrow on the plane with 2 little ones to you know where..... Our sunset here was great last night, too, but we didn't have our camera. :>(

Araignee said...

Nothing wild here. I'm in bed with some icky thing I must have picked up in the ER. There were a hundred sick babies on Thursday night and whatever they had they gave me. Darn that Daddio, From now on, I'm waiting outside.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I'd be with you at the beer tent. LOL! Nothing wild here... did get a wee nap yesterday afternoon! Enjoyed that treat! blessings ~ tanna

Nancy Kay said...

Now if you and the Fireman would do a little dancing, shaking that booty, would add on some steps very quickly! Ha.

I've not seen that particular Camelbak waterbottle. Looks like something to check out, though.

ladyfi said...

Looks like a fun time.

kathy b said...

I think doctors offices and waiting rooms are just filled with germs. I hate them!!

karen said...

I chuckled about the rides, we NEVER let our kids ride the festival/fair rides since they put them up and take them down. I don't think they sneaked a ride in as a teen to my knowledge. You are funny about the steps and the beer tent. You did have to walk to the tent and that counts!!

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