Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Sunhats, Potato Salad, and Kids Being Kids

My friend Kathy C is still collecting Hats for Haiti.
Meg and Karen can work up a hat in about an hour or less. 
Aren't the color ways cute?  

 I will give you my best potato salad recipe:

*Boiled small red potatoes
*Real Hormel Bacon bits
*Hidden valley ranch dressing

mix it all up and chill before serving. 
that's it  !  That's easy!  

A few friends from work and their daughters came for a barbecue last night.  The girls thought Beatles' tunnel was so fun to crawl through….
so I let them.  
Pie hid in the basement throughout the party.
Tank was cornered under the couch until Fireman rescued him and let him join Pie in the basement. Tank was literally shaking ….
(the four kids were pretty wild in the house, just being kids, but the cats are not used to it) 
Pie is sensitive to new people, their smells, their sounds etc. 
I think because she cannot see well at all, 
she hides.  Tank is just a super shy guy. 
Beatles, however,  was compliant and let the girls hold him.
Rozzy held court and got lots of attention. 
The girls really wanted to see the cats that were hiding, the most. (of course) 
I told them I'd send them a picture of Pie….

I promised the cats a quiet weekend.  
They deserve it and I'm pooped!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

My Peno is absolutely terrified of strangers in the house (and anyone who is not Dave or I is considered a stranger) - she always hides. Ever since the move (a year ago!) Rocky has taken to hiding when visitors come, but once he realizes Tux is getting pets and he's not, he makes an appearance.

Nancy said...

Yes, curious and active children can cause a great deal of stress to animals unaccustomed to the activity. Good to hear that the cats had a sanctuary.

Mereknits said...

Little ones are fun but exhausting!!!! I am all for a quiet weekend myself.

Dee said...

Poor little Pie and Tank. Some cats are just that way.

Glad Rozzy got lots of hugs and lovin'.

Katherine said...

I know the kitties were very grateful to you for hiding them. I have always loved kids but I can't hold up to their brand of fun for as long as I used to. Now I enjoy them for a bit then walk away because, heehee, they're not mine!

KSD said...

Hidden Valley Ranch you say? I'm there!!

SissySees said...

I don't like ranch dressing, but I may try this anyway.

Sissy would want to play with the littles. Gg would tremble and need to hide.

elns said...

I like how the cats react differently with the stranger girls. It speaks to their individual personalities for sure. Bacon + Potato Salad = Yummy!

Araignee said...

I have that same cat tube!
Daughter's cats loved it when they were here.
I took the new pup to visit Daddio on Father's Day where there were visiting kids and she was terrified and shaking also. Loud kids are not her thing either.

Judy S. said...

Our cats take off when kids come, too, and hide somewhere in the house. It's amazing how kids can wear you out, isn't it? We are so used to our quiet house now. Glad your kitties and you survived!

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