Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Lucky Friday the 13th

 There, you have 2 black cats bringing you an amazing lucky Friday the 13th.  The moon was magnificent last night and will be even better at FULL tonight. 

This is all I could get from Bea and Pie this morning. They are so happy to be out on the porch again.  Pie remains half the size of Beatles.  She runs around the house/porch  for 3/4 of the day.  She's hyper kitty.  She and Beatles were on high alert last night for moths at the screen.  I have to let a few in; I believe they should catch SOMETHING once a day.  
Rozzy is exceptionally good. I think the shave and bath made her a new girl.  Tank is just his big old cranky/fun self.  

This is the closest I'm getting to an airstream trailer this year. 
It's a 31 change purse that I bought from a work friend's on line party.  Now maybe the change won't fall to the bottom of my purse. 

Now I'll confess to you:  that I started Trap number 4 last night.
I'm knitting down the stash with this pattern.   
We should change this blogs name to

I love the VonTrapps too.  
Liesl VonTrapp was my favorite. 

Have you ever set up a Fly trap?
what a contraption!
Flies will actually land on the sticky tape and die. 

You could conclude or exTRAPolate
that I love the Trap pattern in stockinette.

And my favorite game as a kid: 

That's all the fun for today.  Comments anyone?


Vera said...

Cute little kitties. Someone at work said that Friday the 13th and a Full Moon will not occur again for 30 years or so. I LOVE the change purse. Where can I get one (or two to give one to a friend)? Happy weekend!

Nancy said...

I don't buy into the Friday the 13th hype, but I'm sure your two black beauties would bring me luck if hyphen crossed my path.

I'm trying to knit from my stash, too. I WILL not purchase any new yarn unless it really calls my name - an unrealistic goal because ALL yarn knows my name! ;o)

knitterbeader said...

Love the kitties picture. Yes, I read the full moon on Fri the 13th won't happen again until 2049.

I'm trying (once in a while) to knit from my stash, but it's terribly hard to do when you gasp at a pattern you want and then gasp at some yarn to knit it! LOL

Nancy Kay said...

The kitties look ready for action; I don't think they felt they had a lot of time for a photo shoot. They are cuties!

I'm knitting with stash yarn only at the moment. And I'm vowing to continue working on the stash! It's best if I don't even look at a yarn shop!

KSD said...

I bring moths in after taking the dogs out at night so the cats can have some fun; we fully understand here.

Katherine said...

I love the shape of the Trap. It is a bit TRAPezoidal and enTRAPs me with its form. I can see why one would want to knit it again and again!

Two sweet kitties. They are so shiny black and lively. I have never been bothered by black cats, Friday the 13th, or full moons but my Mom would have been in hiding today.

elns said...

Hehe, you're a riot Kathy. I love finding a project you want to knit over and over again. My favorite VonTrapp was Kurt. Maybe it was the Lederhosen and the insatiable appetite.

Kitties are cute. I love that Pie is so hyper.

Mereknits said...

I loved mousetrap, too. Remember when you would get it all set up and someone would bump the board and knock it all down before the end of the game! I love your trap, I am thinking about stockinette, and Happy Friday the 13, not another one with a full moon until 2049!

Araignee said...

I TRAPPED my feral kittens during the last World Cup so we are celebrating their four year anninversary. Time does fly.

Anonymous said...

We almost MISSED the full moon last night. It was very, VERY cloudy until around 10 ---- then the moon peeked through for a little while.

I just LOVE a full moon.

SissySees said...

Cute! I need a coin purse. I love my Lilly P tech wallet, but it has NO coinage accommodations at all.

Next time you're here, let's have a Sound of Music slumber party! Do you watch the Julie Andrews version or the Marion Martin? I prefer to WATCH Julie and LISTEN to Marion. I haven't watched the Carrie Underwood version. I think tonight's the night!

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