Thursday, May 29, 2014

Well, That Was FUN!

Thanks to you all I have a bigger better picture of where 
YOU live.   We are all over the map - 
I live north of the city of Chicago.
It seems a very congested place when we travel to quieter locales. 
Yesterday, Fireman took me to one of the prairies he helps to tend in the winter.  
This little piece of quiet was so pretty. 
The wildflowers were blooming.  See?

I was a bit worried about poison ivy and ticks.
I think we came home alone. :)

I'm off to Spay Neuter this morning. It is puppy and kitten season. I get my pup fix this way. 

Later I'll knit more of the second Trap scarf/stole.

Yesterday I knitted with friends.  Nancy had cervical spine surgery a week ago, and needed to get out.  She ordered a chardonnay and drank it through a straw.  Gotta love determination! 

Are you determined today?


Anonymous said...

No .....not determined today. Rough morning. Maybe I can be determined this afternoon. ;-)

Glad you had a nice trip out to the prairie. It's nice to get away from the busy-ness once in awhile.

Nancy said...

Fireman's prairie is divine - love all that green and the flowers!

I am determined to control the chaos in my sewing room. Slowly, I am making progress.

Lynn said...

What a beautiful place. Nice place to have a picnic. Without the ticks and poison ivy!!

Determination?? I'm determined to knit today. Does that count??

Nancy Kay said...

Fireman took you to a beautiful spot. Nice. Serene. And the wildflowers are beautiful.

I've got some cleaning and sorting to do...but I keep finding ways to avoid the tasks!

Judy S. said...

Glad you escaped the ticks and poison ivy; those ticks were out in MN, too. Today I'm determined to practice my choir music.

Janet said...

Love the prairie photos. What a lovely place! I'm determined to finish one of the art journal pages today.

Araignee said...

Had the pup spayed yesterday so I'm determined she won't lick what she shouldn't. She's determined she won't wear the cone. And I've got two more weeks of this fun...

SissySees said...

What a beautiful spot!

I am determined to take the dogs on a long walk today.

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