Monday, May 05, 2014

Mr and Mrs….

 Another washcloth was knitted up this weekend. 
After finishing the big project, the Wrap, I needed a quick project. 
Next up: More Last Minute Gift Knits 
Very Pretty Lace Scarf. 
Yes, this means I frogged the shawl in lace.
Rationalization: I was only about 15 rows in to many many more. 
I was not feeling the love. 
I have to feel the love or it doesn't get knitted. 

 Is it possible to have a collection that you haven't really collected? 
I am in love with my new couples. 
Truth be told, every single one of my collection was spotted and nabbed for me by someone who knows I wanted to collect brides and grooms cake toppers. 
Meet the newest couple.  She has no veil, but he's my first in a white tux jacket.  
May they be together in good times and in bad. 
All the days of their pretend lives. 

Do you collect? (other than yarn of course)


Judy S. said...

Nice washcloth, Kathy! That's a very cute collection. Besides yarn, fabric, and embroidery stuff which I am now trying not to collect, I have a collection of candle holders of the Wee Willie Winkie variety. They actually came in handy once when the power was out for days. As a kid, I collected candles, the kind that included a variety of shapes like angels, choir boys, etc., and then I would always carefully remove the wicks after being horrified to see what happened when the wicks were lighted! LOL

Anonymous said...

I used to collect Pez dispensers. But I quit awhile back and then gave up the ones I had collected at a yard sale.

I have a small collection of Mason/Ball jars, but I rarely add to it. I like the ones with the metal bales over the lids, but I have some with the zinc caps too.

Cute couple. Looks like that one is pretty old -- 40's or 50's maybe?

SissySees said...

What a fun collection! Sometimes the best kind is the kind you didn't collect yourself. I've collected too many things over the years, and I'm not collecting anything now, because when I say I like something, the Knight goes overboard!

elns said...

I love your collection Kathy! I'll keep a lookout for you too :) I have given up most of my non yarn/fiber collecting. I think blue and white dishware, even my knitting mugs are blue and white. hehe. I figure as things break and go to dishware heaven, at least there will be a color theme ;)

Nancy said...

Your collection is darling and so sweet. I love the sailor and his bride!

I collect along averages baskets.

suburban prep said...

I collect nutcrackers. The German ones that are usually seen around Christmas time. I have a few that are not the authentic German but I have about 35-40 of the German in all sorts of figures from Santa to Clara to a chimney sweep. I even keep some out all year long.

KSD said...

I have several collections. Cake toppers are a great idea!

Araignee said...

What a lovely thing to collect. When Daughter got married I was a crazy bride junkie but I never thought about collecting them. Brilliant!
I collect shot glasses from all the places I've visited. People gift them to be also which usually turn out to be my favorites as I really don't travel much.

Nancy Kay said...

I think the knitted washcloth is just the ticket!

Your collection of brides and grooms is pretty cool. I have a collection of ceramic drama masks, most of which have been give to me. At one point I collected coins, too. Can I count jewelry?? Love the jewels. LOL.

Mereknits said...

I love your new couple, they look very happy. Just wait til the rent is due and the children are screaming!
Hugs to you,

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