Wednesday, May 14, 2014

More Charity Hats

My local knit pals are knitting sun hats to protect little ones from the sun in Haiti. 
Aren't they cute?  Oh , I mean they are crocheting them. 
The boys get a brim, the girls get a ruffle. 
Last year my friend Kathy C made over fifty on her own to send with a pal to Haiti.  
I hope to knit a few for the cause by June.  
Such lovely colors, such a lovely cause. 

I'm hoping for a Triple Crown winner this year. 
I Love horses.  On Mother's day I asked Zach to go with me to the stables nearby just so I could pet the horses.
Here's Mr Ed.  Nah, not really. 
He just talks like Mr. Ed. 
I am reading the Storm King book I mentioned before.
I am wondering, Do people with horses let them out for storms or keep them in the barns?  
Nancy?  Farm folk, anyone??  Which is worse, out in the field or taking a chance the barn will get struck by lightening with them stuck inside it? 


Nancy said...

The horses on our farm never saw the inside of a barn or shelter, so I can't offer any insight.

The hats are darling! I find charity crafting very satisfying.

KSD said...

It kind of depends on the horse. Some get antsy in a stall when there's weather, so you let them out. Some get spooked by being out in the rain, so you take them in. (I type this as serious thunder bangs outside. . .)

Katherine said...

Cute hats and a great charity! The rancher who grazes his horses and longhorns in the field behind our house (not at the same time) rides up on his big red sorrel and "collects" them before or during a storm. It's something to see him with his hat pulled low and his long duster flapping in the rain. That's Texas!

Araignee said...

Adorable hats!
Don't know a thing about horses though. I do know if I had any they would probably end up in the house during a bad storm. That's why The Mister won't let me have any goats or sheep.

Anonymous said...

Those hats are adorable and are made for such a good cause.

Have fun!

Mereknits said...

Your friend is amazing making all those hats. I love horses too, they are so majestic and gorgeous.
Happy Thursday,

SissySees said...

I aspire to do regular charity knitting, but I'm so far behind on my baby knitting...

I have been dreaming of another Triple Crown winner for most of my life.

And there is no right answer on storms and livestock. My uncle is a cattleman, and they don't have barn space for anywhere close to the whole herd, but when I had horses, they were stalled unless it was a high-strung idiot who would hurt himself if he got upset.

SapphireBlue said...

Awwww! You did a great job. Your inspiring me to do some charity knitting.

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