Friday, May 09, 2014

It's all about Weight

So the realization is: I can Knit lace; I cannot knit it with lace weight.  We took a quick overnight trip to Ann Arbor / Detroit to meet Al for a Tiger's ballgame.   I was having troubles knitting a lace scarf, the photo above shows you its gorgeous color but that's as far as I got. 
Yup, just a couple of inches and I bailed. 
When I took out the spare skein of COSABI yarn and knit the same pattern I was hugely successful.  I was giddy with joy. 
So it's all about yarn weight when it comes to lace for me. 

Thanks Fireman for a nice knitting shot at Comerica Park.  What a beautiful ball park. 
You get the sense it is the Fans' team and the park is for the Fans.
I liked it almost as much as Miller Park in Milwaukee where the Brewer's play.  

 We celebrated Fireman's birthday, again…with Al.  We also did an early Mother's day.  Al and I went to a yarn shop named BUSY HANDS in Ann Arbor. Not too much yarn overall, but what is there is really gorgeous.   She quickly plucked this skein of malabrigo off the wall and I got to take it home.  I see summer berries in this colorway.  I also see a return to socks.  

Without realizing it, Al got me this pretty necklace at Ten Thousand Villages.  See? It's really a stitch marker necklace….ahhh knitting everywhere.  As it should be!



Kim in Oregon said...

I absolutely love that necklace!

And I'm with you on Lace Weight. It is just too fiddly.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I don't like knitting with lace weight either... fingering is as fine as I go!

Nancy said...

Lace-weight yarn gives me palpitations, so I knit with fingering. Love the photo of the ballpark. I hope your team won.

The Knitting Kat said...

Yummy Mal! Those will be some awesome socks. Maybe hold the lace double since you love the color?

Frieda said...

Can't say that I'm fond of knitting with lace weight either , sometimes knitting a less ' lacy' pattern helps with that though .

That malabrigo is gorgeous , it will make beautiful socks !

elns said...

Fireman did a great job on that photo for sure! You look fantastic with your shades and your knit gear! this post is chockful of good things and good times. I love the malbrigo berry and cream themed yarn and the necklace is stirring up some serious envy! Glad you got to spend some time with Al and the FM.

Judy S. said...

I agree, lace yarn gets tiresome, especially if it's at all fuzzy. Love the yarn, baseball photo, and necklace. Have a great weekend!

Katherine said...

A stitch marker necklace--that is so neat! The Malabrigo has me drooling. I love knitting lace with DK or sport weight yarns. That's one of the things I like most about knitting, I can change the yarn, change the needles or change a section of the pattern and it's a whole new ballgame. Speaking of which, great ball park!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable picture of you!

We'll be going to Tropicana Field in two weeks. I'm taking my knitting along.

Araignee said...

So true about that lace weight thing. I tried gossamer weight once and I almost had a breakdown. I still have the two $30 EACH balls sitting here laughing at me. I even snapped a needle in frustration.
The Fireman took a great photo. You and the field look amazing!

Delusional Knitter said...

Beautiful ball park, what a great photo! Awesome necklace, those are stitch markers for sure!

SissySees said...

That's a beautiful photo of you too, sweets. Happy Mother's Day!!!

Mereknits said...

I grew up watching the Tigers in the old stadium, I miss those old ones. Love your new yarn,

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