Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Revelations…Not the Biblical Sort

 I made it to the 3 Bags Full Yarn Studio spring sale as it opened its doors today.  Lots of great yarns, Ladies!!
I bought enough Chesapeake to make another shrug. 
I bought some sock yarns too.
See the gold toned? 
It will be another blogaversary prize for the 10th anniversary here at Irisheyes.  

 It is so fun to find a bargain or two isn't it? 

This  very happy canine was enjoying our 60 degree weather yesterday.  

We made an April Fool Joke to our families re: getting a dog. 
The truth is, after spending the weekend with my sister's amazing dogs in Minnesota, I'm happier than ever with the cats. 
I've forgotten how dogs look at you so so so pathetically each time you leave the house without them. 
That killed me. 
There were other things….
so my quest to bug Fireman for another dog has ended.
I'm the FOOL because I thought spending the weekend in Minnesota with the dogs would trick HIM into wanting one.  
Tricks on me. 

I'm delighted that Pie was eager to sit on my lap last night while I read.
I'm thrilled the cats play with me with wand toys for a bit and then they are exhausted.
This is not to say I won't want a dog again after I retire. 
Right, now, though, the time is not right.

Have you had any revelations knitting or otherwise lately?


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Looks like you got some great yarns!

suburban prep said...

I went to 3 Bags but not at the open.
Apparently Peruvia is/was a big seller. I loved the books of patterns at 1,2 & 3 dollar price point.

Katherine said...

60° and a yarn sale too? You are a lucky lady! I love the yarn colors. I'm sure they will make some great knitting.

The sad puppy faces that say, "Don't leave us" are the reason we take our dogs with us where ever we go. Apparently we are not alone because we saw a man in Costco last week with two big dogs on leashes.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Oh nothing to reveal here...except now you have me thinking about yarn! :)

Delusional Knitter said...

Looks like an awesome time! I'm also under the impression that cats can tell time (dogs obviously can not). My boys greet me at the door at the end of the day, this week I've been able to come home for lunch - they don't even get up and don't even look at me when I come through - apparently I am disturbing their regularly scheduled nap time!!!!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, Kathy... maybe I need to take Evan on a trip to family with a dog. LOL! He wants one; I don't. My luck, it would work out backwards like yours did. ;)

No new revelations here... only confirmation of things I already knew... Longer. More money. Grrrr... And, so we continue to trudge onward! LOL!
blessings to you ~ tanna

Nancy said...

I'd love to wander through your LYS and pet the yarn. Even though I am current on a yarn fast, I probably would be tempted to adopt a skein or two. ;o)

Revelation: old and deep dental fillings will eventually require a crown. I can almost hear my checkbook weeping!

Araignee said...

So true about dogs. Little Pup has learned to jump into the window and cry when I leave her. As soon as I pick up my keys she gets that look. It breaks my heart. Having a blind dog wasn't so bad after all. She never did any of that.
Revelation: The hair conditioner I've been rinsing my socks in have made my feet soft. I've been doing a whole body rinse with it and it's heavenly. Imagine that.

Chrisknits said...

Love the yarn. It is hard leaving the darlings, so often I let them go along! But being highly allergic to cats, and thinking them rather stuck up creatures-LOL, it's only dogs at our house. I adore kittens, but again, the allergies and they grow up to be cats. Enjoy your knitting possibilities with your new yarns!!

Lynn said...

Oh that yarn looks wonderful!!! Congrats on the good deals!

SapphireBlue said...

The revelation to me is that I don't take enough time off, so I'm doing that right now.

SissySees said...

I am weary. I refuse to say I'm "burned out" on the JLC, because several things still energize me, but I am soooo tired of being THE president. Come on, June 1.

And I am not so slowly accepting that Gg may in fact need better living through chemicals.

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