Thursday, April 17, 2014

If It Aint Broken …...

dried cherries
poppy seed dressing
onions optional

THIS yummy looking salad was offered at the MILL CITY MUSEUM Cafe in Minneapolis.   I wish I'd tried it.  Doesn't it look good?  I took the picture and wrote the ingredients down for you and for me.  I'll make it soon. 
 These clover needles broke today. 
I've never had Clovers break before. 
I have another pair in a half- size smaller so I'm not heartbroken. 

I know I'm pretty much alone in my love of Wooden needles, but I will take them any day over Addis.  
I'll give the broken off needle to Pie to swat around the floors.
Just about anything is a cat toy...


SissySees said...

Hmmm... I wonder if I'd like dried cherries?

I've never had an Addi break. That's why I love them so. My Knitpicks broke last weekend and I lost a good bit of nearly laceweight baby blanket knitting. I started over on Addis in a simple stockinette.

suburban prep said...

I prefer bamboo over most other form of needles.

Anonymous said...

Given a choice, I take wood every time. They just feel better in my hand.

Nancy said...

I'll leave the wood and bamboo needles to you and take metal ones any day!

The casserole looks and sounds pretty yummy.

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