Friday, February 28, 2014

My Sister Went to Hawaii

My sister Michelle, the veterinarian living in Minnesota, said she'd had enough of winter.  

So she headed to Hawaii.  
Then she shared her pictures, because I asked. 
Doesn't that ocean look great? 
Lake Michigan is covered in ice and ice blocks. 

We have beautiful beaches in Chicago, believe it or not. 
No sharks, no coral, no salt in the water.
Lake Michigan isn't' swim friendly without a wet suit until August /September.   However, you can walk the beaches and listen to the waves during May, June, and July too. 
We love to kayak during those months. 

I work about a block from the shoreline. 
I make it a point to go to the beach and just look from time to time. 

Have you seen the Beach Bag Pattern by Debbie Bliss ?
You can find it on Ravelry. 
Cause its never to early to start planning for the beach!


suburban prep said...

The Polar Plunge is this weekend. A bit TOO cold for me.

Nancy said...

The yarn in your header matches the ocean in your sister's photo.

I could sit and watch the waves hit the shore for hours if I had my knitting bag with me.

karen said...

Well thank your sister for giving us such stunning photos while we are freezing. I'm enjoying winter and I'm not in any hurry for summer but I wouldn't mind wearing a lighter coat ;)

Nancy Kay said...

Oh that Hawaiian beach with the warm water...looks soooo inviting.

How nice that you work only a short distance from the water. I would be kayaking and walking the beach too!!

I've seen pictures of the lakes in your area this winter... Brrrrr. I bet your sister is LOVING her vacation ...from the Polar Vortex!!

Judy S. said...

I'm wondering who's left in MN. Boy, they sure have had a wicked winter. My sister has been gone from there since Dec. 26th and is supposed to head home tomorrow. She needs to rethink that idea. It isn't often that Lake Michigan freezes up, is it? You've had a harsh winter also, the worst since DD has lived there. So, Kathy, pick up those needles and stay warm!

elns said...

Ahh a trip to Hawaii. The Kid and I have been daydreaming about a trip to the big island lately.

That's the first time I've seen Debbie Bliss' beach bag. I knit this one a long time ago.

I should take a photo of it, hm. Anyways, I've never used it, I think I thought I would line it "one day". But I can't sew!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture. I'm glad she got to get out of the cold and snow for a little while.

I'm really lucky where I live --- 45 minutes east and I'm at the Atlantic Ocean. Two and 1/2 hours west and I can be dipping my toes in the gulf.

kathyinozarks said...

beautiful photo-I was wondering how many would just pop in a plane and go to somewhere warm--we are originally from the chicago area-hubby was raised in chicago, we lived on the border near lake geneva wi--

Araignee said...

Thanks, I needed that. We just had the coldest day yet in February. I need some beach weather and I need it now.

Mereknits said...

I am so jealous! We have beaches here of course, but not like that! Amazing.

Katherine said...

Our swim team did a one mile lake swim the first week of September every year and we wore wet suits. It was cold even in September. I love Lake Michigan. I think I would prefer it to Hawaii any time of the year!

SissySees said...

Beautiful. We are to have snow and sub-zero (no... really!)temps on Monday. Gah.

SapphireBlue said...

Aw man! That looks great! The weather here is hot/cold/hot.

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