Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Knit Year 2014

 Kim from handeyecrafts blog sent me this darling card.
Seems appropriate as we have fresh snow and more on the way today.

In 2014 I wish my blog friends all good things;
Katherine… need a good year for your family's health

Kim….you deserve a great year after last year

Donna….your 11th year blogging is no doubt going to be great

Grace… too deserve a great year

Araingee …your new Maggie Moo pup is's to year of housebreaking, pup training and kisses

Meredith…this year you'll be more used to your son being a bit farther away from your home and you'll enjoy it more

Nancy….I look forward to more foreign Fridays and all your charity blankets knits…

Ellen…..your comments crack me up ….and so do your posts. Im so glad we met in 2013

Jennifer….what a thrill to meet you in 2013..thank you for the visit…New York New York…we'll be coming your way perhaps

Channon….new job, new year, …we hope to see C'ville again in 2014.   We have many trips to Virginia planned in our hearts..this year

Tanna….changes for you this year, hope it's all good.

Allison at Allyoops, your young life is very fun for this middle aged woman to read about. Keep posting! 

Who have I forgotten? 

Kathy at Fancy Stitching….I can't wait for your sweet comments again this year.

Dee….there's a Florida trip in our plans….Highway 1..want to meet up?

Amanda…at Crafty….keep up the fun posts.  

If you are having surgery, had surgery or want to be a surgeon…you are in my prayers! 

My New Years Resolution: Simply understand the Kitchner Stitch for once and for all!!

Happy New Year Blog pals and Lurkers. 
I love what you add to my daily life. 


Mrs. Micawber said...

Kitchener stitch ... a worthy ambition. I don't fully get it, just blindly follow the directions and am amazed that it works.

Have a great year! :)

Mereknits said...

Kitchener Stitch, good for you let me know when you decipher it all. Hugs to you Kathy, wishing you a wonderful year full of beautiful yarn and lovely projects, maybe a full sweater?

Nancy said...

A fabulous post for a new year!

I love the Kitchener stitch for sock toes: I've done so many that I don't even need to "cheat" anymore. ;oD

Lifting a glass to you, Fireman, Al, and Zach. May 2014 bring abundant adventures and blessings.

SapphireBlue said...

I always have to keep the kitchener stitch instructions right by me if I'm binding off socks.

Have a great new year!

Nancy Kay said...

You will love mastering the Kitchener's a beautiful finish on socks!

Here's to you...Happy 2014!

elns said...

Oh Kathy, I love what you add to all our lives. We're all better for ya! Happy, Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

You betcha! US 1 is not that far from me.

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