Saturday, November 16, 2013

Unblocked and Blocked

I have not blocked the Posh Poncho yet.  (I have a full night of end weaving ahead of me....
 I have a few weeks to the gifting date.)
If you google the Pattern you'll see how nicely it fits a baby. 
On this little stuffie, it looks more like a dress than a poncho.
I'm happy it is off the needles.  I hated to let that Koigu 
go to waste. 

I decided to block the Skydive Stole and wowza, I'm thrilled with the finish.   It is going to be a Christmas gift to a dear friend Eileen who does not read the blog.  

Have you ever watched the CHEW?  
I am trying their sweet and sour crock pot 
chicken for tonight's dinner with guests.
Smells right so's hoping. 

Our guests go way back to the days that Fireman and I met working at McDonald's.  Mark and Mary Ellen, our dinner guests,  met under the arches as well.  
I bet I can still DRESS the buns and scoop those yummy fries for the RUSH.  Did you ever work at fast food? 


Mereknits said...

No but I worked in a saloon/bar in college and many a night had a pitcher of beer spilled on me, it was gross and believe me the tips were horrible.

Anonymous said...

I love to watch The Chew. A fun group and good recipes.

Jackie said...

I never worked in the fast food industry but did work in a grocery store at one point. It's wonderful that you have friends from all those years ago!

Kim in Oregon said...

Is Skydive stole on the Ravelry? Off to check as I lurve.

Nancy said...

Two wonderful finished gifts! Congratulations.

It is such fun to connect with old friends. Enjoy!

LouLou said...

Both the poncho and the stole turned out beautiful! I so love the colors in the Skydive stole! Nice work! Watching the Chew makes me hungry. :-) They make everything looks so good. I never worked in fast food but I did work in a bakery and it was the best job ever! Sept not for the waistline. ;-/

kathy b said...

THe Skydive Stole is a Cabin Fever Knit Pattern

SissySees said...

OH MY. Beautimous!! Go you. I need to knit again. I gifted MJ a shawl I'm not sure I ever blogged or even logged in Ravelry, but she loved it and what else matters?

Araignee said...

The poncho is completely adorable and the scarf is spectacular.

Never fast food but I did work in a Fotomat which were the little kiosks in the parking lots of stores that developed film (remember film?). I didn't last too long I'm afraid. I was a pretty terrible employee in those days. They didn't come dumber than me.

SapphireBlue said...

Great job on those knits. Yes, I worked in fast food. I served fried chicken.

Katherine said...

Congratulations Kathy on a darling poncho! Skydive is fantastic!! I love the colors and the pattern. Two great successes.

I never worked at fast food but all six of our kids did. We still call #1 son "the hot dog king."

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

That Koigu is beautiful in the little poncho pattern!

Old friends are wonderful blessings. I'll bet you all enjoyed that Sweet and Sour chicken. =)

elns said...

I can't believe you finished that poncho already. sheesh! I never worked in fast food, but I worked in a sports bar and would wake up in the morning with pen marks all over my pillow cases from the pens still stuck in my hair from falling asleep exhausted the night/shift before.

Judy S. said...

Love that little poncho and the stole! I never did fast food but did check groceries before the cash registers figured out the change....Hope you had a fun evening!

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