Monday, August 12, 2013

How You Know Your Kitten Is Blind

 *Pie didn't discover the Joy of Patches of Sunshine until recently.  (And quite by accident)

*Her facial expression never changes.

*She bumps into windows if you shut them and they were previously open.

*She HEARS to try to catch a bug and to try to catch Da Bird. 

and finally and most diagnostically: 
*She didn't discover that I knit until a few nights ago.  I could knit peacefully with her right next to me for weeks. 
No kitten of mine has ever let me knit peacefully. 
The other night the plastic wire of the circulars touched her ears...that was it. 
She now knows the sound of the needles. 

*Oh and my sister the Vet confirmed she is blind. That should count!  

 She's fearless and she loves to chase the BIG cats.  Beatles finally gave way to the fun of it.  

I have another WIP.  This is 4 for me. 
Unheard of!!  
I'll let you know more about it soon. 

Two things: if you want to follow me on twitter let me know.
Pie has her own facebook page.  


Katherine said...

Pie is darling! I love that she has found beams of sunshine!! Macy is my sun baby and would be lost without sunshine. We give her 10 minutes in it when the temp is 102° plus.

Yes, I would like to follow you on Twitter. I confess I am not "tuned in to" Twitter. Maybe you will help me get started.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Sweet Pie. I'm so glad she has you. You know if I twittered or facebooked, I'd be following. Just can't take on one more place to keep up with.

I am looking forward to seeing those four projects! This yarn looks yummy! blessings ~ tanna

Mereknits said...

Pie is adorable, I think, you are learning as much for her as she is from you.

I am not a twitter gal, so I'll follow you here where I always do.

lynn said...


Araignee said...

What a sweet kitty. She is such an inspiration. Here I was having a pity party and your post made me see how silly I am being.
I took a look for her page on FB but lots of Pie named pages showed up-some I wish I hadn't seen!

Nancy said...

Pie is a cutie!

I'd hate to count the number of projects I have in the works - definitely more than four!

Nancy Kay said...

I think Pie is so cute, and it must be a interesting adventure to watch her. I think it's pretty funny that she just discovered that you knit. Ha. No more peace for you!

Bridget said...

I love Pie. :-)

SapphireBlue said...

I'm glad kitty has a nice home like yours.

Nicole said...

She's such a cutie! Too bad she discovered knitting...

zach said...

how to tell your cat is not COMPLETELY blind. She plays with a lazer pointer when it is close enough to her face. No smell or noise there!

SissySees said...

Zach is a rather smart fellow! ;)

Please send us your Twitter info and Pi's FB. The girls and I want to follow her, and one of these days, I might figure out what Twitter does.

Allison said...

She's so cute, can't wait to meet her! And you're as bad with WIPs and I am with BIPs (books in progress- I finished two on staycation, but I gained three more so I'm currently reading six books, oops)

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