Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A few things caught my eye at 3 Bags Full Yesterday.  I was there to pick up baby hats knit by some ever charitable knitters in the area.  This hat is particularly adorable don't you think?  We appreciate all the hats made for our babies in the ISCU.  

 This skirt looked beautiful in the store and I loved the color.  I'll never make it but I can love to look at it right? 
 The wee folk that sit near the cash register
are charming.  I will never knit them either, but I love their simple faces and their warm scarves.  
So I was surrounded by knittastic things yesterday. 
As for today I awoke a bit frazzled.  I'm listening to Oliver Shanti: Well Balanced. 
It is massage music. (at least that's what I call it) 

I must tell myself: one goal at a time today. Breathe slowly.  
Live in the moment.

I've committed to two things I don't really want to do today.  Why do I do this?  
Something pulled at me to make these plans, so why now, do I want to stay at home?  

If you are a prayin person as they say in VIRGINIA, say a little one for me okay?


Nancy said...

Prayers coming your way -

I often regret making commitments, and then grudgingly do them. I waste a lot of time fretting about them than it actually takes to do them.

I hope your day goes smoothly.

SissySees said...

Prayers for you my friend. Sometimes though, the things I'm dreading turn out to be wonderful. I hope that's true for you!

Nancy Kay said...

Whatever you've committed to do, think about the activity in terms of living your joy, gratitude, and love. Everything else will fall into place. Have a great day.

I liked looking at all the pretty knitted pieces too.

KSD said...

My mother used to custom-knit skirts for a yarn shop in Nashville. They were gorgeous, but not very many people could wear them.

Anonymous said...

You got it!

Today was errand morning for me. Plumber @ 8 AM to install new garbage disposal, knit group @ 10 (where miss know it ALL was holding court today), left that early to get tire rotation and oil change.

Sitting in that nice empty QUIET room waiting for my car was heaven....well, except for the new tire smell, but nothing I could do about that.

Got lots of knitting done. But, wish I had the nerve to do that skirt. That is AWESOME!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Prayers for you, Kathy. I hope whatever it is, ends up being a real blessing to you.

That bunny hat is precious. I love to look at everything in our LYS, too... even the ones I have no intention of ever doing. They are just beautiful to see! blessings ~ tanna

elns said...

I know that feeling, of the "Why did I commit ..."

I'm cheering for you Kathy! I hope it all goes well.

Anonymous said...

praying that your day and your commitments went well.

Araignee said...

I hope your day turned out better than you expected!

Nicole said...

Cute stuff!

I hope your day ended up going well. :)

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