Saturday, July 20, 2013


 I have nothing but questions this morning for you.  Any and all answers are welcome and appreciated!

*I just bought a bluetooth.  How do you keep from losing that little thing?  

*I'm trying to add more structure to my day..
how do you do this? 

*How do you SEE your stitches? When I attempt lace I can't make sense of what I see.  

*Where can you find cheap decorative pillows?

*that's all I got folks, Have a great Weekend. 


Nancy said...

I can't offer much on the Blue Tooth device or "seeing stitches." On the subject of throw pillows, have you tried making your own or making a different cover for the ones you have?

Nancy Kay said...

I don't have a bluetooth, so can't help you there. Structure. I try to have a routine in my day and stick to it. Can't say I'm always successful. Seeing lace stitches...well, that can be a challenge. The more I do it, the more I can recognize the Yarn-overs and K2togethers if I lose my place or think I've lost count. I watch the chart like a hawk.

Mereknits said...

I hate my Blue tooth as i can't hear with it. I love the look of lace but always screw it up and then mess it up even more trying to take it out. Structure? Who ned that, go with the flow my friend.

Anonymous said...

Structure is an interesting thing ...some is necessary for me, but I really don't like to be TOO rigid. If some *fun* pops up, I want to take advantage.

Is it really necessary for you to HAVE structure? If so, I think the only way to start is to write lists and stick to them.

Don't do Bluetooth. Don't do lace. Can't help you on those. LOL

But, structure --- structure I KNOW!

Teri said...

If you get any good answers to numbers one and two, please do share. These stump me, as well.

gMarie said...

I don't have Bluetooth so can't help you with that one. I use speaker phone when I don't want to hold my phone.

Why do you need structure? It's a matter of routine, you get up, have coffee, treadmill, blog, then do whatever until it's time for the next thing. I guess. My day is nothing like that. ;)

I forgot the rest of the questions. Helpful - right? g

Araignee said...

I learned to see lace stitches the hard way-by tinking back more than I knit. When I tink, I read the chart as I go stitch by stitch. After I do that a few times, my brain seems to be able to see what I am doing and it is usually smooth sailing after that. Every new lace project begins with this little ritual of boo boos. I also am a compulsive stitch counter and marker user. I break everything into teeny tiny sections and count and recount them before moving on. That also helps the brain understand what the hands are supposed to be doing.
As for structure...I wish I knew. I am happiest in a rut and can never seem to get in one.

Katherine said...

No Bluetooth. I can hardly keep up with the phone.

Structure--make lists.

Stitches--strange you should mention it but I see mine cattywampus too!

Cheap pillows--DIL sews and she makes mine. I know, that's cheating!

Happy weekend!

SissySees said...

In no particular order:

- After spending 12 years with a walkie or a headset in place for a living, I refuse to do Bluetooth.

- Structure... I'll send the fur-girls to you. Gg can either tell time or has an internal clock that never missed a beat, and Sissy believes 3 morning walks in one HOT week make a new routine...

- Lace is a rhythm. Keep faking it 'till you make it.

- Throw pillows. Looking around the room... QVC, a charitable auction (okay, so $65 for a pillow isn't a deal, but it's still one of my favorites), home-made (no, not by me - you know me better than that!)...

Tuesday Morning, Target... It seems I just buy pillows when they speak to me.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Lace stitches ... if you can work with a chart they start to make more sense, I can read any kind of knitting, but I've been practising since I was five so how I do it is a mystery to me.

As for structure ... another vote for going with the flow from me :)

Judy S. said...

No blue teeth at this house! We have certain stuff we do on certain days, but the rest of each day is up for grabs. Lace takes practice...and it's great to have a lifeline for when you need to frog. For me it's the "DO NOT TALK TO ME kind of knitting. LOL

Grayseasailor said...

1. Consider giving the Bluetooth away...then it won't be lost, right :)
2. Consider writing out a detailed schedule if you absolutely have to have more structure...horrors!!!
3. Consider continuing to try to see your stitches believing one day you will...miraculously!!! [At 62 I am still trying!!!!!!!]
4. Consider asking for a throw pillow when anyone asks you what they can give you for a gift...when they're given to you they are free!

I could not believe I have missed all your posts since the end of June! I just had fun catching up on your travels, and stitches, family, friends, and furry pets. I hope you are having a great weekend, too!
I am planning to make more headway on crocheting my shawl :)
Gracie xx

Alyssa said...

For structure, I try and My structure is usually this: 4PM, get home. Free time and cook dinner. 6:30, Dan gets home and we eat together. 7PM, we watch an episode of TV show or play video games. 8PM, start to get ready for bed. Things have flexibility, but it's still pretty much the same.

Nicole said...

I can't describe how to see lace except by practicing it... If you read the stitches when they are correct, you'll learn to see when they are wrong...

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