Thursday, July 11, 2013

10 Summer Things That are Making Me Happy

 *The beach without the sunburn. 
(I used a 70 spf today even though dermatologists say you only need a much lower Spf and just reapply) 
*Banana chips.  Hate bananas, love the chips!
*Summer thunder and lightening.
*Sleep number beds on vacation
*My new summer purse by ZARA ... I should show it to you.....its so cute
*Dr Scholl sandals
* that I've given up coke, at least a lemonade is refreshing
*Berry crumble, Sandra Lee style with cookie dough as the crumble
*My short short short summer hair: makes swimming a joy, makes the heat more tolerable
and finally
*Im very happy to knit socks this summer. 
I finished this sparkly pair tonight .They are for my  10 year old great niece.   I started them on July4th .
That makes it a one week knit up.  
Now that makes me happy. 

Any of the same things making you happy? 


Katherine said...

Sparkly socks knit fast--it doesn't get any better than that unless it's having a happy summer!! I love my short hair all year. In the summer it is cool and in the winter I can wear a hat with no hat hair when I take it off.

We had a surprise rain storm about an hour ago. It cooled things down from the 104° of the afternoon. Now that makes me happy!!

Bridget said...

Those are wonderful socks!

Yes, short hair is the way to go - the woman who cuts my hair told me that "Women who wear their hair short, when long hair is the norm, prove that they have confidence." Just thought you might enjoy that little tidbit ...

kathy b said...


That's a great way to look at shorty hair. Thanks for the quote

SissySees said...

You have such pretty hair - as does Al! I wish I looked good with short hair...

Anonymous said...

Yep .... short hair.

Just got a cut on Tuesday and it truly is wash and wear. LOVE IT!

Nix on the Dr. Scholl's. I LOVED them as a teen, but now can't wear them. They give me problems with my right ankle. :-( It makes me sad, 'cause I really liked them.

Nancy Kay said...

Good looking socks! One of my favorite summer drinks is an Arnold Palmer (half ice-tea; half lemonade). I like banana chips and apple chips too. My hair is not short, and it is way too hot for summer! I try to wear it up when it's too darned hot.

Araignee said...

I'm happy that you're so happy! It sounds like your summer is turning out to be spectacular. I envy you the hair thing. I was traumatized by a pixie cut the very day I went to see Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet when I was a young teen. I almost died when I saw Olivia Hussy's gorgeous mane. I have not been able to cut my hair-except for trims, since.

Nancy said...

My summer knitting projects are usually socks.

Diet Soda (root beer, cream soda, diet lime Pepsi, and diet wild cherry Pepsi). Ironically, I love hot tea and cannot stand iced tea.

My hair is always cut short - I love the ease of care.

Mereknits said...

I am loving having Friday's off, I have longish hair so pulling it up off my neck, thunderstorms and moments when I can be outside without melting or getting bit by mosquitoes, and of course baseball.

elns said...

I love that photo, definitely the picture of a happy summer! I think it is so funny you like banana chips and not the actual fruit. But I get it, so I'm not knockin' ya. Happy weekend Kathy!

Nicole said...

A one week pair of socks? Impressive!

I' the opposite with bananas. Love the fruit, hate the chips!

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