Thursday, June 13, 2013

Not So Simple Woman's Daybook Entry

 Outside my window- Fireman is cleaning the bbq grill.  

I am thinking- this kitten baby will knock your socks off. 
She's being bottled by the vet at the shelter.  Repeat after me: I will not bottle kittens. I will not bottle kittens.  I might bottle kittens..

In the kitchen -we are out of milk. 

I am wearing a new shade of nail polish: Opi 57
or lavandar. 

I am creating -a book of things I will learn to sew someday, and this Ruffled Tote is in it. 

I am going- to ride my bike today.  I really really am

I am wondering- how I got so lucky as to win Bookwyrms book give-a-way.  !!!

I am reading -Real SIMPLE magazine.  Maybe this should be the Real Simple Woman's Daybook entry. 

I am hoping- the pulmonologist can help Fireman with his cough.  

I am looking forward to- more Blackhawks games and the Stanley CUP!

I am hearing-how to fix your hair for summer on a TV segment.  Messy fishtails are apparently in..

Around the house- the windows are all open and the breeze is wonderful 

I am planning-our trip to See AL soon
and maybe Channon too!

Quote for the day: The more you love your decisions the less you need others to

One of my new favorite things:- 
Knitting Bingo.  I had some knit pals over. 
I asked them a few questions each before they arrived.
I used a BINGO creator with their answers to make the cards.  
Some of the words were: 
koigu, encore, pink, 
Grey's anatomy, The Middle

(you get the gist) 

WE played.  We laughed. BINGO!
The prize: Red white and blue cotton yarn

MY Plans: More mizzle shawl. 

Peek into my day:
I think you just did!



Katherine said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!! I love the ruffled tote and I love lavender nail polish! The kitten is so cute! I wish I could bottle feed him. Just look at that little paw with baby claws. Is he/she a new foster?

Lynn said...

LOVE that you did a daybook post!! They are fun but they make you think!!

I also love that knitting bingo game! VERY good idea for a group get together. That kitten is adorable and very hard to resist. I've considered it but I'm afraid I'll end up keeping all the babies. How do you hand off a kitten you've kept alive?!? And I'm jealous of those open windows! My heat index is 105. I'm sitting in my room with the a/c chugging along.

Hope you do more of these!!

Frieda said...

The kitten is too cute , I might accidentally bring him home with me if I worked in the shelter . We' ve been really lucky with the animals that 'found' us . Jut lost the best dog ever , I miss him .

Love your quote of the day , I should put that up somewhere on my house .

Chicago Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford is a local boy . He's getting lots of support from the community , signs up everywhere . It would be nice to have the Stanley Cup pay us a visit ....

Anonymous said...

Did you stay up to watch the game?

I did. It was really hard getting up this morning, especially since I was morning the Bruin loss. :-(

Kym said...

Oh. The kitten. Oh.

(And. . . although, over the years, I've become a Red Wings fan, I was raised a Blackhawks fan. Go 'Hawks!)

Nancy said...

That kitten is adorable - I wouldn't dare bring home a bottle baby, but it's tempting.

Knitting bingo sounds like fun.

Mereknits said...

You are so much fun, I wish you lived right next door. A peek into my day was work, cleaning and a trip the the DMV to renew my license, I was only there about 35 minutes, a record I think.

elns said...

I wish I could play knitting bingo with you! Messy fishtails? I bet there's a youtube for that... Stop with the kittens. my teeth hurt it was too sweet.

SissySees said...

I still want to learn to sew well enough that I can say that I sew.

Fish tails? Braids?

Cute kitten.

I think Sissy will need a bath before you meet her.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Such a delightful peek, Kathy. Your group of knitters much have so much fun!! That kitten is really calling your name, isn't she? ;) I'll be hoping the pulmonologist gets the Fireman fixed, too. blessings ~ tanna

Araignee said...

Cute kitty! Just had to take a hard walk away from some up for adoption the other day. I can't do more than 5. Can't. Can't. Can't.

Alyssa said...

Oh my gosh. Knitting Bingo would be such a cool idea for my Knitting Club! If I still went to knitting club... :(

Crafty in the Med said...

Hello Kathy

Many thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I did have shetland ponies in mind actually!!

Love this pic of the little kitty.
I am your newest follower now :-)

keep well

Amanda :-)

Yarn Miracle said...

You should totally bottle kittens.

SapphireBlue said...

I got my cute fix for the day. That baby is adorable!!

Lynneb said...

OH, I want you to sew!!!! You can do it, Kathyb!
And I think I might bottle a kitten. how sweet! We've actually been sort of playing around with the idea of a kitten for our house.

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