Wednesday, June 26, 2013


There are a whole lot of MAYBE's in my life right now.

Maybe is a challenge for me.  I like to know one way or another.  I am a planner.  It is good for me to practice living with uncertainty.  

I was amazed at how many of you don't plan ahead with your hotels on road trips. Fireman was THRILLED that you all agree with him....go with the flow.  

So I'm embracing Maybe.  

*Maybe I will be working today; Maybe I will not be working today.  Such is the life of the luxurious float nurse. 

*Maybe I will have a root canal tomorrow-
Maybe just a crown removal, drilling and crown replacement.  (TMI?) Maybe I'll get it all done at the dentist, maybe I'll end up at the endodontist's office. 

*Maybe I'll make grilled pork tenderloin Friday for friends, or maybe I"ll do shish- ka- bob. 

*Maybe I will Finish the Simple Ridges Shawl before I cast on for watermelon socks and Maybe I will give in to startitis.  

How do you handle Maybe?  I want to embrace Maybe....
and Maybe (s) in your life today?
winning summer stitch markers
a lovely deer in the woods yesterday


Caroline said...

Yay! I never win anything, Kathy! I will proudly wear a Blackhawk visor. And I will never admit to anyone that I said to my son, "That's hockey, right?" I didn't see a place to email you, so here's my address:

Caroline Schoneweis
402 McKinley St.
Taft, CA 93268


SissySees said...

A root canal would find me sipping milkshakes and eating mashed potatoes for a week. Good luck!!

Nancy said...

Hope all goes well at the dentist's office - I recommend going to an endodontist, if necessary for a nearly painless root canal (at least mine was).

Whenever my mother said, "maybe" it meant "yes" but not now. When she said, "we'll see" it was a definite "no." So today, I am embracing "maybe" too.

Nancy Kay said...

Maybe's are's sometimes teaches us patience. I know that good things are always in store for us.

elns said...

I'm crap at maybe. I'm so indecisive as it is. I like a plan. Or at least targets and guidelines. I may moan about them, but I'm kind of lost without them. What often happens, if I plan too much and overwhelm myself. I plan on handling my maybes with more grace and less caffeine ;)I like what Nancy Kay said about it teaching us patience and optimism.

Anonymous said...

I am SO not a fan of maybe. I want to KNOW!

We are at that point in our lives where retirement is in our sights. I want to KNOW we can move back to Philadelphia OR KNOW we will stay in Florida. The *maybe* is killing me. LOL

Mereknits said...

I am just like you so Fireman and I are not going to agree with this one. I like a plan, I always and I mean always feel better with a plan.

Hope your dental appointment goes well.

Sarah said...

Oh...I am very much a planner about lodging, life, general plan for the day. I HAVE flexibility in my plan but I need some general guidelines.

No can do on the no hotel thing! :-)

I dated a guy once that didn't plan more than 12 seconds in advance and it drove me crazy!

You are not alone in your planning ways.

suburban prep said...

I have a good dentist in your area.
I hope that all the maybes go your way.

I do plan ahead though when it comes to travel.

Araignee said...

I don't mind maybe. Maybe's equal hope and it's certainly better than a never. In fact, I am pretty much a maybe kind of person. I hate definite things. "Have to's" scare me.

Lynn said...

Some maybes are better than others. I don't need to know the hotel I'm staying in to sleep overnight, but if I'm staying in a city to sitesee, then I'd like to have a hotel nearby. But if I'm driving somewhere where I'm staying overnight on the drive up, I never plan for the hotel. I stop along the way and get those hotel coupons so I know where there are lots of hotels and restaurants. I may be more alert to drive longer than originally planned or I may tire out sooner. I like the flexibility to decide where to stay.

Katherine said...

I handle maybes better in my personal life than I do at the office! At work I want things nailed down, but by the time I get home I am ready to let my hair down and go with the flow. Even DH has wondered how I can switch back and forth like that and I can't tell him because I don't know.

I love the stitch markers!!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, Kathy... a LOT of maybes stresses me out. I can handle some... but, I need a little structure, too. Hoping for the best outcome on your dentist visit!! blessings ~ tanna

SapphireBlue said...

Arggg! Those darn maybes. I hope everything will go well.

Jennifer said...

Good for you! I like to go with the flow, too... but I like to know where I'm sleeping at night. :O

Nicole said...

"Maybe" is an unsure thing for me as well, but there is no maybe when it comes to startitis. Startitis is always a yes. ;)

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