Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Where to Put the Ashes.....Seriously

 Fireman gave me this locket for Easter.
I wanted to put Huck's hair in it.
Better than his ashes right?
Which begs the question..
What to do with Radar's ashes -

Huck's ashes are not going anywhere. That boy is going with me when I go. 
Radar was mostly Zach's cat. 

A co-worker suggested putting the ashes in a plant.
This is an awesome idea as Zach loves horticulture.
I need a plant that grows very slowly and will last forever.
Any ideas?  I was thinking rubber tree plant... 
 OH and since it's a knit blog, and life goes on, here is twin babies hat number one.  
And, finally, I love tulips because they come alive 
year after year 
spring after spring
life goes on

(aside:  Anyone ever use PRogressive for insurance?)


Mereknits said...

Life does go on my friend, I think the locket is gorgeous and a nice place to keep a piece of your babies hair.
hugs to you Kathy,

dandelionpicker said...

I thought about that too. When my dogs go I was thinking about making a concrete garden marker with their ashes.

Nancy Kay said...

Lovely locket! I'll be interested to find out what you finally decide to put in it. Hmmmm....I like the plant idea for precious ashes.

I bought some tulips for my table for Easter...they are a beautiful flower. Your bouquet is lovely!!

Yes, I use Progressive Insurance for my ATV's. It's affordable, and I have no complaints.

Grayseasailor said...

How about a Christmas cactus, for the ashes, Kathy...
I'm very impressed with your knitting skills; the hat is a treasure!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Araignee said...

Those tulips make me so happy. I need to buy some. It is too early for mine to be blooming.
As for ashes.....hmmmm. I have an almost 18 year old doggie and I need to start thinking along those lines myself. I used to bury the pets in the yard but the pet cemetery is full. I need a new plan.

SissySees said...

Well, you know we do burials here. I won't ever sell this house - God willing - because the boys are here, and the girls will join them when they go too.

But collars. I have the boys' collars, and could take those with me when I go...

My green thumb turned black, so I can't help.

Alyssa said...

I use progressive! Their customer service is great but make sure you TRIPLE check their advice. They got me in a lot of trouble about my insurance... the rep had no idea about insurance laws in other states. It sucked.

My first tip is to put the ashes in a bonzai plant, or maybe a jade plant. They grow slow but can get really big!

Katherine said...

The locket is so pretty! I like the idea of putting a lock of Al's and Zach's hair in it.

Spring would be a perfect time to plant a new little tree with Radar's ashes. When birds sit in it and sing you can imagine Radar watching them from the window.

Anonymous said...

Cheyenne the Weim's ashes are in a pretty box with her picture on it. It's on a shelf right by the door and makes me smile and remember every time I go in or out! Thanks for the read and the comment!

Nicole said...

Lovely tuplis! And that yarn looks great as a hat. The cable suits it perfectly.

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