Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Opinions........

Today I'm full of opinions.   The cat toy above is a winner. Santa brought it to the cats in our house this Christmas and they continue to play with it all the time.  Even old Rozzy gets up to play with this toy. 

The middle is a scratcher and Beatles has already worn the first side of it out.  Flip it over and you have another surface for scratching. 

Well worth the money, this is up there with Da Bird in the cat toy department. 
 No surprise here: I love wooden Clover needles.  I am using them now on the baby poncho.  I promise to show the poncho tomorrow. It is at the hood stage and it is darling.  

I'd use another yarn next time as this acrylic has almost no give to it, and I like some give. Don't you?

Expensive Lancome moisturizer and fade cream is a bust. It is going back for a full 120.00 dollar refund. 

Are you laughing?  Was I nuts to try it for that price? 
The counter girl said it is completely refundable and to give it at least a week.  Guess what?  Sometimes you get what you pay for....sometimes you don't.  
I'll leave you with St. Francis Of Assisi. It looks like he is throwing the color on this forsythia bush.  St. Francis is a winner; he always comes through for me. 

If you've asked me to pray for your pet, he's my go to!

Tried anything lately that you'd like to share ????


Katherine said...

Can't wait to see the poncho! St. Francis took care of our little Max when he had the hurt paw. Thanks for your prayers! I too love Clover needles, especially the DPNs in the 5 inch size.

Sarah said...

I work in the cosmetic industry and believe me, very few things actually live up to the hype on the label. There are nuances about how a specific claim is written (I'm the one who tells marketing they can't say stuff every day!) and I've been in it long enough to not believe anything that is written on the bottle.

On a knitting note, yes, I like yarn with give!

Nancy said...

I haven't tried any new products lately, but I LOVE my Knit Picks circular needles, especially like the flexible cables.

Nancy Kay said...

The cat toy looks like a winner! If I still had a cat, I would be checking into this!

The Clover bamboo needles have been a go-to for me for years. Recently I have been using Knit Pick Harmony Wood needles. They are wonderful...and have a sharper point for lacy work.

I have to say that I really like the Pink Papaya products. They are sold by a representative that hosts parties. I like their scrubs, their lotions, bath salts, and even their make-up. Great stuff. It's all natural--no parabins.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate Mint tea by Stash. Truly a winner on all counts!

Love the forsythia bush. Shazam ... St. Francis makes YELLOW!

Judy S. said...

Da Bird is great! That looks like an interesting toy; anything to keep Ginger from scratching the rugs would be awesome. Where'd you find it? What pattern are you using for the Poncho; I can't wait to see it!

Bridget said...

St. Francis is one of my favorite saints, and I always pray to him for animals who need help.

Araignee said...

I know it's old news but I recently bought myself a bottle of tea tree oil and I have been using it for whatever ails me. I am usually so itchy this time of year from allergies and it has been a blessing literally from head to toe. After rinsing with a few drops in warm water, I swear my skin and hair are as soft as a baby's.

elns said...

I'm sorry, are those size 3 needles? Eegads Kathy, my eyeballs hurt already! I was so intrigued by the cat toy I had to google Da Bird and then I was sucked down the rabbit hole of seeing cats in action with it. I hope you're happy! I love the picture of St. Francis, he is throwing it out there, isn't he?

Mereknits said...

I love my BOOM! moisturizer from Cindy Joseph's line. It isn't making me look younger but I love the way it feels on my skin.
I also love addi turbos for knitting, Clover's are not as poity as I like.

Lynn said...

at least you could return it!!!

SapphireBlue said...

$120! Whoah! I can't say much. I've made purchases like this on fad diet stuff.

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