Sunday, April 07, 2013

Chicago Sunny Sunday A Tale of Two

 The weather in my town is completely dependent on the wind this time of year.  What started out as a sunny Sunday in the 50s , turned brutally cold for Fireman who was cycling.
The wicked wind turned off the big Lake and we were back to turning on the heat.  
I love living close to the Lake, but it makes spring very very chilly.
I can drive 10 minutes east and change to a light jacket on a day like today.   The saying goes, "Cooler Near the Lake" and it is very  accurate.   The weathermen are careful to predict two temps for the Chicago area this time of year, and we are always on the low end....

This is a tale of two ingedients too.
I have pinned this recipe months ago and today, upon finding Lemon pie filling in the grocery aisle, I knew I'd make the cake.
An angel food cake mix and a can of pie filling, and 
Our dessert for tonight .
 My new cowl is nothing but fun.
It is two toned......
and too easy to knit.
This makes it oh so easy for me to do two things at once:
Knit and watch TV!
 Another two ingredient find this weekend:
Sunflowers seeds and chocolate that go together like  protein and carbs!  My friend Diane gave me the seed treat and 
Zach and I are gobbling them up. 
Finally a crocus has bloomed in my yard and 
I'm all TWO  excited about it.  There are two crocus in bloom but one is so tiny I can't capture it for you. 

great news to share


Teri said...

Crocuses (croci?) --YAY!!

SissySees said...

I *LOVE* chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Yum!

It was 70 here today. Sissy needs to shed her winter undercoat, and fast. Funny... sleet and snow Thursday night, 70 on Sunday...

Araignee said...

The wind has been ruining our spring also.'s been cold. Congrats on the crocus. We are into the daffodil stage now with the tulips not too far behind. I can't wait!

Grayseasailor said...

Celebrating your first crocus with you :)

LouLou said...

I'm trying to remember what 70 degrees feels like....we haven't even hit 40 degrees yet this year! And don't get me started on all the snow we flowers blooming in my neck of the woods! I'm enjoying seeing them in every ones blogs though! :D

Mereknits said...

Lovely pictures, I remember the lake coolness being in Milwaukee many, many times. Looking forward to the news!!!!!

SapphireBlue said...

We're supposed to get snow here tonight, but our flowers are looking lovely.

Nancy said...

I love sunflower seeds, and I love chocolate. I've never seen chocolate-covered sunflower seeds!

It is snowing here today, and with 90% humidity, it will snow all day and into the night. The moisture will be welcomed.

Nancy Kay said...

My brother has gifted me chocolate sunflower seeds at Christmas, and I LOVE them. I have never seen them around here, so it's extra special when I get to eat them.

Love seeing signs of spring! My mom's relatives lived near Lake Michigan, so I am aware of how that cool air comes off the lake. Brrr. Our temps here will fluctuate wildly for another month or two.

Lynneb said...

wait! what does the dessert look like? Better yet, what did it taste like?

Nicole said...

Beautiful shots! But I hear you on the wind chill. I used to live in Santa Cruz 3 blocks from the ocean... Man, that got cold at times!

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