Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why I Love a Good Swap....

 Grace organized a Green St. Pat's Day Knitters swap.
I'm so glad I played along.
If you
have never swapped, it can be so fun. 
My box arrived, from Ria.  
You often don't know who your SENDER is until the Box or bag arrives. 
 It is a bit of a gamble as you may get some things you don't need or like, but for the most part I've had great partners over the years.

So You get someone to send to and someone gets you.
Sometimes you send a list of likes and dislikes to the Swap co-ordinator and she passes it to your secret swapper. 

I do think this is a good idea as it can be a bummer to get things you just cannot use due to allergies, skill level etc. 

Usually the swap participants are to put their packages in the mail on the same day.  

I had such fun yesterday unwrapping my swap toys! 

This particular swap was unique in that we were to wind the gift yarn around trinkets so the recipient doesn't just open a box of stuff.

Unwinding the yarn from Ria was a hoot. 
This is how it looked when it arrived.  
It is not often that I abandon a WIP and start on another the day I get some new yarn. 
Ria sent me BFL yarn in an enchanting green colorway.

She sent me:
The adorable GREEN mug shown
Really neat little sheep that hold your tiny sock needles together
GREAT candy: Nestle makes a AERO bar that makes their chocolate tastes like velvet due to the little bubbles inside each bit. 

She sent me so many green things I won't list them all.
Suffice to say I was thrilled. 

On a dreary March day when the winds were howling and the grey skies prevailed, it did this knitter good to enjoy Graces' swap!

Have you had Swap fun lately???


gMarie said...

I haven't done a swap in a long time. Your package looks lovely and like just what you needed to fight the March doldrums. g

Patty said...

I actually just did one for the first time in years! The person who has me is about a month behind but - what the heck! Can you send me your email? I can't reply to your comment. ;-)

Nancy Kay said...

I've never been engaged in a swap, but it sure looks like fun! The mug is so cute...and all the yarn and green things look delightful.

SissySees said...

Pretty! I haven't swapped in a good while, because life is just too hectic.

Nancy said...

Swaps are great fun!

Your swap cup is a hoot and perfect for a knitter. Enjoy your bounty

Sarah said...

No so I am envious!!!

Katherine said...

Wish I had taken part in that swap because it looks like so much fun. I did another of Grace's swaps and wrapped the yarn around cute trinkets. I think half the fun was in the wrapping. It took both DH and I to hold the toys in place while wrapping the yarn. There was a lot of laughter when a trinket would get loose and run from us.

Araignee said...

I have a swap friend in France and each Christmas we send each other a surprise package. It is so much fun unwrapping all the little doo-dads. Of course I get the best of it. French chocolate is to die for!

KSD said...

I love, love, love swaps, but don't seem to know how/where to find any these days!

Grayseasailor said...

I have done my first swaps over the last four months, and I agree with you, Kathy; they are fun! I enjoyed seeing what you recieved.

Our last day of Winter is full of rain, and our first day of Spring is to be more of the same, but I hope to go out and gather a few daffodils to bring some sunshiny color inside. I will try to take pictures and post them to give you hope...the mountains near us are getting a foot or more of snow!!!!!!!!


Sue said...

What a great swap parcel. I havent done a swap for a few years now but did enjoy them whilst I did them.

Christy said...

I haven't done a swap in years. I was considering reviving one that I used to host, but I don't know if I have the energy! lol

Nicole said...

I haven't done a swap in a long time, but this one looks like it was a ton of fun!

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