Saturday, March 16, 2013

First Socks of 2013

 I have nothing but good to say about Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn:  Pebble Beach.
It is magic makes my stitches look even. 
It was great to have a finish last night.  This yarn was from Santa Claus.. and he and Fireman were in cahoots, I just know it. 
My adopt a soldier sent me a postcard from her location.
I pray for Jackie's safety and I ask you to do so too, IF you are
as they say in Virginia, IF you are a prayin person.  

The weather is bleak here in Chicago. These are the worst weeks of the year around here.  It is grey almost all of the time. The trees remain leafless.  It snows then it rains then it sleets, then it fogs...
If we can just get through to the 20th things do improve...historically that is. 
It is a good time to foster adorable kittens. 

Baseball begins
Easter arrives
The Sun comes back
The forsythia bursts and blooms
The porch gets ready to open for months
another weary March passes...
I can't wait!!!

IF you have Spring where you live, PLEASE share it with us and give us hope for the same soon.....


gMarie said...

Beautiful socks. Nice finish. I will indeed pray for your soldier and all of them, even IF I'm not in Virginia.

Spring in Seattle is about as grey as Spring in Chicago without the dirty snow. Hang on - buy flowers to bring in the house! g

SissySees said...

LOL... They only say that in coastal VA I think. My Northern Neck rellies say it too, but not around here.

Prayers for your soldier. I'd like to join that program when I can be a good pen pal!

Nancy said...

Spring is beginning to tease, but still a bit chilly here to declare that it has arrived. Soon, soon.

Yes, indeed, prayers go out for your soldier and all those in harms way. God Bless and protect every one of them!

Anonymous said...

We are in spring. You can check out my photos here:

But, spring here means wildfire season. So, it's not ALL sunshine and hammocks.

Your socks look great. Santa chose well. Cherry Tree Hill is a great sock yarn and you made the best of it too. :-)

Araignee said...

It was 60 here today and the daffodils are in bloom all along the Beltway around the nation's capital. It won't be long until the cherry blossoms join them. I am more than happy to see winter go as it was a cold, dry one which are my least favorite.

Katherine said...

your socks are beautiful--such pretty, soft colors! I also love Cherry Tree Hill.

Spring is upon us in Fort Worth! It was in the 80s today and the nights are only dropping to the 50s. I know it's coming!! This afternoon I found Fireman son in the backyard measuring for the extension I want to add to my garden. I hope we aren't both disappointed!!

Mereknits said...

You know I think March is crazy this year. It is so chilly here, Mr 19 year old was home for Spring Break and barely got any sun, it is too cold. What the heck is happening? I think I need a cute kitten to cuddle.

Anonymous said...

Hang on, Spring is coming, I just know it. Isn't it hard to give up foster babies? I used to foster for our local humane society and I cried every time I had to return them. Lovely socks, lovely colors and thanks for the read and the comment!

Marguerite said...

Spring does seem to be a long time coming this year. Next week we have possible snow in the SW Michigan forecast for everyday until Friday. Seems like it's always sleeting or something nasty. It hasn't been a pretty March.

Irisheyes Lynn said...

Love the socks!

Lynneb said...

I have always loved Cherry Tree Hill yarn. One of my favorite sock yarns, for sure. Yours look really pretty, kathyb.

We have your same bleak weather today.

Nicole said...

Fun socks! I've never knit with Cherry Tree Hill before, so I think I need to test it out.

What's involved in the Adopt a Soldier thing you're involved with? Pen-pal kind of thing? I'd be interested in doing something like that - we need to support our troops more.

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