Monday, February 11, 2013

Tuesday Feb 12 2013

The Three Little Kittens have lost their mittens....

and Fixie is not in the group picture.  THey are on  the move now.....

DId you watch the DOG show?  I love WEstminster...

Someday?? another dog???

Knitting the blanket is so lovely on a cold day when I have it long enough now to cover my lap.
THe knitter should benefit too eh?

My own Ten this Tuesday:

Top Ten Fast Foods;

Now filet of fish and fries.  Minus the sauce and the cheese.

Jimmy Johns:
veggie subs sandwich....very good

Newer fries with skin on, .mmmmmm


Steak and Shake
one bite burger....

Mmm Guacamole and yes to the chips

great fries

Einstein Bagels:
Toasted salt bagel with a shmear of buttah

Veggie subs with southwest sauce ..mmm

and Finally

Baskin RObbins
because ice cream is a fast food


suburban prep said...

PotBelly and their Roast Beef Sandwich.
Meatheads and their fries (and I do not usually care for fried foods).
Hackney's (and according to my husband their inside out burger)

Grace said...

amen! I miss ice cream--it doesn't sit well with me anymore!

SissySees said...

Wendy's fries. The short-lived Burger King sweet potato fries. Arby's turkey club. (Yeah, I know... I claim I hate poultry... there are exceptions.)

Jason's Deli's baked potatoes. Panera's mac 'n cheese and any of their salads.

Nancy said...

Hmm, I can't add much to your list, but for a rare treat, I love a DQ Oreo Blizzard

Nancy Kay said...

Another cute kitty pic!! Love it.

The blanket must be getting pretty close to the finish line, eh?

My top ten would include Taco Bell's soft shell taco and a caramel apple empanada, McDonald's fish filet; and Subway's turkey sub. I wish sweet potato fries were available everywhere!

Dee said...

Give me a Brianto's Cheesesteak Sub and I'm a happy eater! :-)

At McD's? Just the ice cream cone.

Mereknits said...

My husband is a Culver's fanatic, growing up in Wisconsin he ate there all the time. We always have to eat there when we visit.

Kerry said...

Those kitties are just too darn cute!

I received my swap package in the mail yesterday and am such a happy girl! Thank you so very much!!! The tape measure will make its home in my pink fur Atenti bag. Fur and rhinestone just go hand in hand!

Thank you again! I'll be blogging as soon as my youngest is feeling better. :-)

Lynneb said...

I'm with you on the Filet-o-Fish. But with all the fixings for me...and with some freshly made crispy fries.
Have you tried the Wendy's codfish filet sandwich? Yum!

AlisonH said...

Those kittens are adorable!

Katherine said...

You could write a children's book about the things Fixit gets into while the three little kittens are having their picture taken.

I have thought for some time that I craved a McDonalds breakfast muffin. When I had to leave for work at 6:00 this morning I decided to treat myself to one and it was truly awful!! All morning I wished I had brought Greek yogurt from home!!

Dorothy said...

Chipotle is my favorite fast food! (I ate there tonight.)

Your snowman at the top of the page made me SMILE as did the kitties.

Araignee said...

Panera's Garden Veggie Soup with Pesto paired with a Greek Salad and a chunk of baguette on the side. I love their coffee but it doesn't love me anymore.
Can those kitties get any cuter? Nope.

gMarie said...

I'm always a day behind you lately. Fast food: I love Taco Time Soft Taco and panera - love me some panera soup. g

SapphireBlue said...

Awwww! So cute!!

I like Wendy's spicy chicken nuggets.

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